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  • Avatar for ejtc1
    Some of it sounds like ELO because it was produced by Jeff Lynne
  • Avatar for zeppyfish
    Just picked up Repeat When Necessary on vinyl. Where has this album been all my life?
  • Avatar for matt_ingham
    Cherry Red are reissuing Subtle... with loads of bonus tracks - about bloody time!
  • Avatar for CDPETE01
    Best ELO impersonator ??? either you don't listen much to ELO or you don't really listen to Dave comparisons here well I don't think so.
  • Avatar for sumidiotdude
    If anyone has his version of Outlaw Blues from Rockpile, please message me because I'm dying to hear it and can't find it anywhere.
  • Avatar for rod32lop
    Este cara e demais.
  • Avatar for Kali0str0
    Отличный чуваК!
  • Avatar for luckystoned
    good boy ;-)
  • Avatar for cantodellonda1
    I´d like to sing Dave´s "(I´m gonna start)Living Again If It Kills Me" with my band but I just can´t seem to make out a couple of words in it. Could somebody please help ? 1. It´s time I got up and out of this 5th floor prison and went and did something else. I´ve been sick of everything for so long that now I´m even sick of myself. I´m gonna call up some old friends I used to know altho´ they never come around much now, but I can´t blame them who wants to listen to me talk about you for hours I´m gonna start living again if it kills me, if that´s the very last thing I do I´m gonna make ????????? so sure, and purge(?) myself of you 2. I blew the dust off my little black book ans called Sonya ´cos she was always good for a smile, but when I whispered sweet nothin´s into her phone, they meant sweet nothin to her then Bridge: Sunday or Monday, I can´t remember I never know what day it is Tuesday Wednesday ?? ever blue days run into ...
  • Avatar for tatayofre
    ¿Qué significa Dave Edmunds para mi? Un gran guitarrista pero por sobre todas las cosas Dave es un tipo que sabe juntar gente de mucho brillo a su alrededor. Y eso no es para cualquiera. Lo conoci al lado de Carl Perkins, Ringo Star, George Harrison y Eric Clapton en los años ochenta. Más tarde compre algunos de sus albunes y más adelante me lo encontre al lado de otros monstruos del rock, como Jerry Lee Lewis. No me pregunto cuándo nació, ni dónde, solo se que es un gran músico y lo respeto mucho, por eso lo busque en este programa. Gracias por dejarme escribir estas líneas. Escribo de historia pero en realidad disfruto contando sobre lo que siento con la música. En todos mis libros esta presente la música y los recuerdos que me generan: el country, el rock y el folk. Y. como siempre, mi permanente homenaje a Merle Haggard. Tata.
  • Avatar for the_slider04
  • Avatar for BillStrange
    Nothin' like a little rootsy Dave to cheer up the day.
  • Avatar for Kimpaz
    His version of "Summertime" is simply amazing!
  • Avatar for clexpress
    There'll always be some arrogant little brat who wants to make music with a guitar. Rock'n'roll will never die. - a Dave Edmunds quote
  • Avatar for mynameisjoehann
    not bad
  • Avatar for the_slider04
    Dave's just great! Besides being a terrific guitar player he is also true studio maniac - check Subtle As A Flying Mallet! And don't forget his production works: from Stray Cats and Status Quo to (yep!) Motorhead!
  • Avatar for Lowbacca
  • Avatar for JYoung1138
    Dave is highly underrated and a damn fine guitarist. Check out Sabre Dance if you don't believe me.
  • Avatar for R_ob0t
    I must agree! Dave Edmunds rocks!!
  • Avatar for viragooldie
    It´s Party Time!!!!
  • Avatar for Mad_Millsey
    "Quiet Please... The New Best Of Nick Lowe" with plenty of Rockpile tracks- press kit here with free download.
  • Avatar for skittlebombs
    Got that slow rockn groove, ....<cranial bobpity>
  • Avatar for Tr1xx
    Yeah, needs more love . . .
  • Avatar for gt102
    Fantastic artist. Shame to not see enough love for him on here!
  • Avatar for bluetshirt
    repeat when necessary is such a pleasure to play! thanks dave!
  • Avatar for rudysimon
    nothing short of sheer rock'nroll genius. pre-beatles, neo led zepplin cum t rex......... all these cats worship at the temple of dave edmunds and roots rock
  • Avatar for jbecan
    More Love
  • Avatar for RCori
  • Avatar for wetwebwork2
    still the best version of 'get out of denver' =)
  • Avatar for Don_Diego
    Mr Edmunds needs more love.

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