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  • Avatar for mehran-crimsonk
    "We're divers, that's why we're in our suits" Deepest lyrics ever!
  • Avatar for Setptember21
    A really enjoyable track.
  • Avatar for megi696
    Of all the pretty girls I had to choose, of all the pretty ones, I wanted you.
  • Avatar for Mindeely - deep dive there:)
  • Avatar for ezez2z
  • Avatar for rafaelcamelo
    Música excelente !
  • Avatar for thats_saucy
    good stuff.
  • Avatar for useless45
    I can't get over this kid.
  • Avatar for TrickyNishidake
    Good track, but when Darwin talks about having his pick of "all the pretty girls", I know he's dreaming...
  • Avatar for ToTheWelshPoint
    This has a low-fi melancholic quality to it, perfect for a come down after a serious night out :)
  • Avatar for Philson91
    good song.
  • Avatar for jessi_davis
    Look at that hair!
  • Avatar for surfbum76
    one of the coolest laid back live performers on this planet
  • Avatar for july8P
    ou...YES! (:
  • Avatar for sslartibartfast
    Really good beat.
  • Avatar for wecanhavefun
    oh man, the bridge is so great.
  • Avatar for aaaalvi
    certain aspects just remind me of Death Cab's Soul Meets Body but deez is so g000d
  • Avatar for zinastick
    i love that mashed potato pic
  • Avatar for HeyErika
    track is good
  • Avatar for Artomute
  • Avatar for PapaShep
  • Avatar for Glasperlenfisch
    mag den Haarstil...hi
  • Avatar for ntreadway
    good stuff!
  • Avatar for AllyCullen
  • Avatar for basementbirds
    I love his so much...he's original!! love it
  • Avatar for lolawashere
    i <3 this song & him :))
  • Avatar for lloydshare
  • Avatar for cheezman96
    good song
  • Avatar for HemmyoO
    Best song♥
  • Avatar for MiiSTY
    sounds nice..
  • Avatar for greenazure
    this album filled my ears for the past year reallycoollllll
  • Avatar for surfbum76
    still amazed
  • Avatar for indie-burberry
  • Avatar for RedHotFighter
    He/They come to Hurricane next year :D :)
  • Avatar for unoriginell
  • Avatar for manitsanthony
    : P
  • Avatar for chachacha1000
    This guy has some mileage on him. Nice, original, uncompromising songwriting and musicianship. The worst thing that could happen is going mainstream. Well, for me at least!
  • Avatar for hellodenise
    little yellow fish
  • Avatar for loops789
    He's pretty much amazing and my favorite artist as well. Every song off his cd is a hit! He's just so original. love him.
  • Avatar for J0ni95
  • Avatar for dewue
    favourite song on the album so far, even though it's a sad one!
  • Avatar for victimofkratina
    Reminds me too much of
  • Avatar for walkingtheroots
    best artist of the aughties!
  • Avatar for alicen1daland
    i hear that..
  • Avatar for marambolage
    ...need you as a living alarmclock!
  • Avatar for JimmyAndMe
    he's so random ;P
  • Avatar for greatnecker
    This guy is growing on me. I swear I like his music more each time I hear him. Can't deny the talent!
  • Avatar for cloudblood84
    you're bringing me down...
  • Avatar for tommyhaych
    His voice reminds me very very much of Davey Van Bohlen's (The Promise Ring). That's probably why I like this album so much.
  • Avatar for ausjaylia
    very nice!


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