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  • Avatar for sorellaphrat
    Opening to this song is also opening to Kon Queso by MF Doom
  • Avatar for bkelleher
    I keep waiting for him to say, "Fucking constellations" but he never does.
  • Avatar for thesnakewhite8
  • Avatar for indieRocker_
    can't help but smile like an idiot when listening to this :P
  • Avatar for hellodenise
    we seem connect but i know....
  • Avatar for russkigaijin
    his chords! pretty chords! How does he do it?
  • Avatar for turtlesRmyFrenz
    dancy. me likes
  • Avatar for ezinne241
    I agree with jo4nny his album is like one long song but its still a good long song lol
  • Avatar for july8P
    twinkle twinkle little star...:)
  • Avatar for damargil
  • Avatar for tavitooo
    Nice very adorable!
  • Avatar for jo4nny
    Good stuff, the album is a bit one-dimensional though. I don't think he knows any other chord structures.
  • Avatar for morganomaddo
  • Avatar for tavitooo
    Here in Peru we listen this songs in a radio local FM
  • Avatar for MitschoMitscho
    This is such a nice song!
  • Avatar for pasteluniverse1
    so in love with this song! [2]
  • Avatar for claudi3179
    sehr sehr schick! ich will mehr!
  • Avatar for arcticmonkeykid
    I feel happy now
  • Avatar for GirlNamedHannah
    Greatness. Good song to clean your room to, or like me, splash paint all over your bedroom I the only one?...0_o
  • Avatar for Enousc
    Seriously, how Carl Sagan is this video...
  • Avatar for ZachyBamf
    makes me wanna shop at urban outfitters
  • Avatar for chazdillinger
    soundtrack to my life!
  • Avatar for tylerwolfgang
    Saw Darwin Deez live..They put on a hell of a show. Great music mixed with synchronized dance and some freestyle raps...Good stuff
  • Avatar for trockn
    love this
  • Avatar for Linsouciance
    Brilliant :)
  • Avatar for les_miserables
    makes me so happy. ::twinkle twinkle::
  • Avatar for july8P
  • Avatar for DanIsIndie
    This is a cross between Jimi Hendrix and Julian Casablancas?!
  • Avatar for braunblau
    yaaaaay :P great one :)
  • Avatar for LubDubLubDub
    Yes. This.
  • Avatar for Kornwolf
    Sucjh an awesome Track :)
  • Avatar for imfelinegood
    I <3 darwin deez
  • Avatar for ktrock
    i always feel happy when i listen to them :)
  • Avatar for rocker_ego777
    It does sound like Julian Casablancas a bit, does it now...hmm I guess I'm liking this
  • Avatar for bypipo50
    Some way, it makes me think about Julian Casablancas voice
  • Avatar for letoiledunord
    The sparse clapping makes me think about a nice, awkward slow clap.
  • Avatar for kenny31907
    has a very fun beat to it.... hmm kinda makes me want dance......
  • Avatar for FunnyErika
    Reminds me of Throw Me The Statue
  • Avatar for Codesleuth
    Reminds me of [artist]Charlie Fink[/artist] from [artist]Noah and the Whale[/artist]. Very odd...
  • Avatar for AmeliaFiend
    My new obsession ( :
  • Avatar for DJ_Werd
    This is swell.
  • Avatar for AlternativeCond
    Does anything mean anything?
  • Avatar for shadibear
    THIS! :]
  • Avatar for DanChorley
    Really bizzare guy, but I must admit I have fallen for this song I think.
  • Avatar for Ayabrea2
    i dont know why but i love this guy
  • Avatar for voicelesschorus
    first listen, sounds lovely!
  • Avatar for xRainbowxEaterx
    dobra piosenka ale gościu co najmniej wygląda śmiesznie
  • Avatar for katesnaps
    woah how has this man evaded me for so long
  • Avatar for siisonkin
    awesome tune.... cannot stop singing "twinkle twinkle little star, how i wonder what you are".... hahaha BIG SMILES
  • Avatar for urcoffeeisready
    LOL ^_^ l l l v


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