• My year 2011 in music

    2 Jan 2012, 22:54 by fm014

    Welcome to this special
    Normally I would now reminisce about my last week in music. But trust me when I say that there ain’t been much to discuss (apart from the fact that I listened to PlayRadioPlay! a lot).

    So this time I’ll focus on the last year instead - my artists, my songs, my albums of 2011. It's all stats!

    20> Kylie Minogue (223 plays) : It took me some time, but I now kind of like her latest album “Aphrodite”.
    19> Britney Spears (237 plays) : Though her album “Femme Fatale” was well produced, only the hit singles really mattered to me.
    18> Avril Lavigne (241 plays) : Her latest album is still somehow “meh”, although there are a few good tracks on it.
    17> The Sounds (242 plays) : Lovely band - and I saw them live!
    16> Glee Cast (243 plays) : Their cover versions got me to listen to music that I might have missed.
    15> Owl City (362 plays) : The new album was very disappointing.

    2 Jan 2012, 18:23 by JDonn

    TOP 2011 - SONGS



    1. Darren Hayes – Talk Talk Talk - 130
    2. Eric Saade – Popular - 115
    3. Britney Spears – I Wanna Go - 114
    4. Will Young – Jealousy - 112
    5. Linda Pritchard – Alive - 102
    6. Darren Hayes – Bloodstained Heart - 98
    7. Sarah Connor – Real Love - 96
    7. Pandora – You Believed (Slow Piano String Version) - 96
    9. mihalis – Kiss On the Breeze- 94
    10. Madonna – Give Me All Your Love - 90
    10. Darren Hayes – Angel- 90
    12. Natalia Kills – Mirrors - 86
    12. Romy Low – I´ve Been Waiting- 86
    12. Britney Spears – Hold It Against Me - 86
    12. Taylor Dayne – Floor on Fire - 86
    12. Electric Lady Lab – Touch Me - 86
    17. Romy Low – Blow me Up - 83
    18. xelle – Party Girl- 79
    19. Darren Hayes – Black Out The Sun - 77
    20. Britney Spears – Up N' Down - 76
    21. Mylène Farmer – Lonely Lisa - 75
  • Call To Arms

    15 Aug 2011, 22:48 by fm014

    Hello reader,

    this is a special
    That is because I’ve just arrived back home from an epic holiday in London.
    There were lots of special moments, events and people - so I feel very lucky right now.

    Anyway... just a few stats (which are more related to my iPod listenings)!

    Most played artists:
    > Jónsi : I used some of his mellow tracks for sleepy times. Very good.
    > mr.tinoforever : Oh, where do I begin? Enjoyed seeing him host another night of impro comedy. Was totally surprised by getting his new EP (title reference) directly and in advance! Loved his live gig last week - clearly one of my highlights this summer! And currently getting addicted to his new tracks.
    Or I could just say that I’m a happy fan. ^^
    > Thirteen Senses : Always a pleasure listening to their songs.

    Most played tracks:
    > Battle : One of my favorite tracks by this singer. I wish she had more songs like this.
  • Talk Talk Talk

    28 Jun 2011, 13:08 by musicadefesta

    O nome você pode até não lembrar, mas suas músicas com certeza você já ouviu. O australiano Darren Hayes é responsável por alguns dos maiores hits românticos do final dos anos 90, como as inesquecíveis Truly Madly Deeply e I Knew I Loved You, lançadas com sua ex-banda Savage Garden, que até hoje tocam nas rádios e em festas de casamento.

    Em 2002, Darren seguiu carreira solo, e mesmo que o seu estilo tenha mudado, suas músicas continuaram ótimas como sempre. Em 2004, o hit eletrônico Pop!ular chegou ao primeiro lugar da parada dance dos EUA. E em 2008, seu DVD The Time Machine Tour foi número 1 na Inglaterra.

    Agora, o cantor retorna com seu novo sucesso dançante, Talk Talk Talk, produzido por Robert Orton, responsável por hits de Lady Gaga e Usher. Além de um clipe incrível, a música é ótima para tocar na pista e não pode faltar na sua festa!