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Transilvanian Hunger is the fourth album by Darkthrone. Released in 1994, it was the band's first album to be recorded with just two members, Nocturno Culto (lead guitar, bass, vocals) and Fenriz (drums, rhythm guitar, bass). The band would remain a duo from this point onwards. However they claim that this record is somewhat atypical for Darkthrone, since it is much faster, more simplistic, and it was made with a very "raw" or "low fidelity" recording style.

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  • rating 8/10
  • Still I cannot understand why most people love this album most. I mean... the musicianship in Under a Funeral Moon, A Blaze In The Northern Sky and Panzerfaust is much more prominent. All of the aforementioned albums have the aggression mixed with slow riffs and very, very wintery and... might I say, evil atmosphere... While I can't get that feel in Transilvanian Hunger. While I cannot say it's utter crap, it's one of their weakest releases IMO... I even enjoy their late 90's stuff like Ravishing Grimness and next two releases more. I don't count Soulside Journey here, since it's death metal and I treat death metal more sensitively. For all people who disagree with me - please first listen to 'Kathaarian Life Code'. It might be the best black metal song in existence.
  • Took me a few years to really appreciate this record, but it is now up there as one of the best black metal albums I own. I really dig the last two tracks.
  • Varg Vikernes was vocalist on some songs here.
  • This album is the best Black Metal album and even one of the best ever.
  • Fucking solid black rock and roll record ❤️ One their best 😈
  • "As overrated as Master of Puppets." 'I'm sure you're saying this just because it's the most well-known Darkthrone album. Hipsters.' No, it's because this album is shit.
  • Transilvanian Hunger marks the peak of DarkThrone, and perhaps black metal itself. Of all the DarkThrone albums, this seems to have become the most influential and imitated, yet this demonstration, in spirit, composition and conceptual purpose, will never be equaled. It is a product of a moment in time of a singular movement, impossible to formulate outside of its limits, which are now lost in dying embers.
  • Clx
  • Kinda monotonous, but really athmospheric.

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