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  • wheres this (non prog metal) band been my whole life?
  • Prog metal is the best, forget the rest
  • prog metal sucks
  • prog metal!
  • Prog metal, the best
  • You Don't Need A Weatherman (cult X Zomby Remix (kollaps)) <3
  • this doesn't exist after listening AC
  • New pictures:
  • <3
  • Here's a glimpse of a live performance :
  • Animal Collective
  • DARKSTAR are playing the OPEN SOURCE FESTIVAL on 29th JUNE 2013! more infos on and
  • More Netherfriends than AC on the new LP.
  • AOTY so far. fucking beautiful.
  • are they good live?
  • I am really enjoying this, I haven'[t heard any of their previous stuff but I'll go back and have a listen
  • News From Nowhere - NO NO NO !!! A new direction !!?? In which way ? Big disappointment, somehow I feel all this huge potential is lost on the way .
  • News From Nowhere sees Darkstar going in a new direction, and I like it!
  • From dubstep to Animal Collective in 6 years is fairly impressive. Saying that, I think the new album is really good.
  • hmm. i'm enjoying the direction they're going w/ their music.
  • I wanted more 'aidy's girl is a computer', this record is nothing like that but it's still pretty chill.
  • I only know 2 bands, these and AnCo and one is copying the other.
  • >edgy
  • So I guess all the guys comparing this to AC know like three bands.
  • Man I sure love Strawberry Jam.
  • Was enjoying the album until Amplified Ease which is so much AnCo it actually made me cringe [2] You Don't Need A Weatherman is just as much another AnCo song as Amplified Ease.
  • Was enjoying the album until Amplified Ease which is so much AnCo it actually made me cringe
  • we AnCo now
  • News From Nowhere is fucking great. So much better than North. I like the direction they've gone in so much more
  • what the fuck happened? such a regress
  • I don't think NFN is better than North. North is awesome, but NFN is just like a kind of crappy indie dance shit. Really disappointed.
  • News From Nowhere, fuck...
  • it's streaming on NPR now...
  • @Goldi lucky you, they're on Warp now
  • How they got from Aidy's to this is beyond me, but I'm liking it well enough. Solid new one!
  • worst artist on hyperdub
  • The prog metal band should be the first list since they were around before the others.
  • Looks like their initial roots in dubstep are now a very distant memory.
  • fuck off with your dubstep tag cunts
  • Hi check out my EP "night of the living dead" its a electro, hiphop and glitch thing check it out you will love it :) You can download it for free @ thank You and greetings SUGAR
  • Dazed Digital has premiered a huge remix of Lorn's new single "Weigh Me Down" by Lucky Me's Mike Slott. The track is taken from Lorn's new album "Ask The Dust", and this remix takes the original into a whole new direction. Check it out at
  • progressive metal? WTF?????????
  • I hope that they will release a new album in 2012. "North" is so fantastic.
  • 尽管之前错过了一次,幸好他们令我记得,为时不晚
  • progressive metal. ahahahhahahahahahhahahahahahhahahahahahahahh x 10912
  • It's really a shame North got so overshadowed by James Blake. Or maybe that's a stretch, but regardless, it's too bad it doesn't get more attention.
  • Pinch - Darkstar Party, Babylon, 29 Ekim 2011, Cumartesi . Detaylı Blgi İçin...[url=][/url]


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