• My Hit Parade - Epitaph

    16 Jan 2007, 09:37 by PedroGhandi

    <3 amarok <3

    Well, thanks to amarok the fun is over. gg amarrok.
    in the afternoon, it crashed and when it came up, guess what, no more statistics. 12198 unplayed tracks.

    so, anyway best tracks/artists of early 2007:

    Sempre Ausente
    <3 ! his words are so true... a man indeed ahead of his time. Pour soul.

    i love the way she creates an atmosphere with her poetry, her beautiful voice ecoing in the surroundings.

    Nocturne No. 6 in G minor, Op. 15 No. 3 / Lento
    Ah, trés nocturne.

    Only Heaven
    This is one of their best albuns. I also got Second Nature and again, a symbiotic feeling with life turns this whole album into a great pleasure, being in a quiet room or full on!
    Be sure to listen to Donnez Les Esprits and Kissing The Sun (Orange Mix)

    myth of abadou
    For the likes of peaceful sentries.

    I Don't Know if I'm Going to Regret This for the Rest of My Life
  • My hit parade

    15 Dec 2006, 09:05 by PedroGhandi

    I've started a journey through out my digital audio collection.

    Acording to amarok, i had 9196 tracks never heard. Of course plenty of them were listened to: some i remembered, others i double check with my charts.

    yet, there were a lot not heard! So i divised a plan:

    From now, i mean, then, i added to a single playlist and set it to random. i've also set the search field to playcount:0 , which means, it only shows the "yet to be listened tracks".

    meanwhile, i've listened some of them, and i'm at the 8795 th.

    It just feels strange, but some of the tracks just made me think "oh my.. i have this song! Great!" Other times, instinctively, i react to a kind of music and want to add all the album. Soon after, passes another great track and i sing along. Of course some tracks were skiped :O, 2 if i not mistaken, and i'm being very tolerant! so imagine how horrible they sounded. i've even listened Naufragar or The Great Goodnight Part 12. :)

    Some great tracks were: