• feb 6. darkest hour

    9 Feb 2011, 19:00 by YippiCola

    annak ellenére hogy még csak február eleje van, ez máris a második nagyszabású koncert amiről beszámolót írok idén, úgyhogy egyelőre mindenképp elég jól fest ez a 2011. de annak sincs oka panaszra az évkezdéssel szemben aki nem ment ki Bécsig holmi Bring Me The Horizon miatt, ugyanis a Darkest Hournek köztudottan nagy kedvenc helye Budapest, így természetesen hozzánk is elhozták a 15. születésnapjukat ünneplő turnéjukat, amire még pár olyan nevet is hoztak magukkal mint a Protest the Hero meg a Born of Osiris (meg a norvég Purified in Blood, de őket zárójelbe rakom mert egyrészt nincs is olyan nagy nevük, na meg a csodás pesti parkolási lehetőségeknek köszönhetően úgy ahogy volt le is késtük őket.)

    Darkest Hour, Protest The Hero, Born of Osiris @ Dürer kert 2011.02.06

    a Born of Osiris nem egy nagy kedvencem, pár számukat szeretem csak különösebben, ezek közül is legfőképp az Open Arms To Damnation című darabot, ami a korábbi turnékkal ellentétben ezúttal a nyitószám szerepét töltötte be. …
  • One of these senseless questionaries I like so much :)

    23 Jun 2009, 19:34 by raiseer

    Simple enough: Replace the band in brackets with your current Nr.# and answer the questions. Maybe somebody even cares :)
    Which of your charts? I don't know. I chose "overall".
    Copied from reeddaa's journal.

    1. What's your favorite song by #15 (Dark Tranquillity)?
    - Inside the Particle Storm, Day to End, Nether Novas, Haven, The Wonders @ your feet

    2. How did you get into #20 (As I Lay Dying)?
    - An alternative school-party some years ago had a great DJ :)

    3. Who is your favorite member in #1 (dredg)?
    - Well, Gavin Hayes :) Because he let me give him a lap-dance (kindof).

    4. Whats your favorite lyric bit by #29 (Disillusion)?
    - "How come you never bleed when I stab right into your back
    How come you never choke when I drown you in the hot and burning sea."

    5. Have you ever seen #22 (Dead by April) live?
    - Not yet, for I know them just for a few days by now.

    6. What's your favorite album from #10 (Sybreed)?
    - Antares

    7. Do you own any merchandise from #3 (Bleeding Through)?
  • songs i never get tired of.

    1 May 2009, 17:32 by originalfangsta

    I was listening to one of my ipod playlists and theres a few songs i always go back and listen to over and over again that I can't seem to get sick of. For me thats a big deal, because I suffer from hardcore musical ADHD, but here are those songs.

    1. Better Than Sex by Halifax - Theres a couple of songs by them that I could listen to on repeat for days on end but this one definitely tops the list.
    2. Snow In Hollywood by Halifax - I'm biased?
    3. I Won't See You Tonight Pt. 1 by Avenged Sevenfold - After four years of being a diehard for this band, its rare that I'll listen to them anymore, but if I do its this song. It's easily the most beautifully tragic song ever made.
    4. Only One by Yellowcard - I'm a sucker for songs with depth, but this one brings back memories and has a tendency to make me cry. Seeing it live is like a spiritual experience...they need to get back together! :[
    5. The Way She Moves by Forever the Sickest Kids - I'm also a sucker for happy music! I love stuff that makes me wanna dance. …
  • Top Ten Thing.

    10 Apr 2008, 15:18 by drksideofthemn5

    1.The Bled
    First Song: "The Sound of Sulfur"
    Fell in Love With: "You Know Who's Seatbelt"
    Current Favorite: "Daylight Bombings"

    2.Every Time I Die
    First Song: "I Been Gone A Long Time"
    Fell in Love With: "Floater"
    Current Favorite: "Tusk and Temper"

    3.Darkest Hour
    First Song: "Oklahoma"
    Fell in Love With: "Convalescence"
    Current Favorite: "Doomsayer"

    4.Misery Signals
    First Song: "The Year Summer Ended in June"
    Fell in Love With: "The Stinging Rain"
    Current Favorite: Any "Of Malice and the Magnum Heart"

    5. Between the Buried and Me
    First Song: "Mordecai"
    Fell in Love With: "Ad A Dglgmut"
    Current Favorite: COLORS

    6.The Acacia Strain
    First Song: "Smoke Ya Later"
    Fell in Love With: "Passing the Pencil Test"
    Current Favorite: "See You Next Tuesday"

    7. Comeback Kid
  • Darkest Hour - Deliver Us

    6 Sep 2007, 22:53 by TheMindMaker

    I first started listening to Darkest Hour when my buddy sent me a few of their songs off their last album, Undoing Ruin. I quickly became addicted to songs like Convalescence and These Fevered Times and began looking up more of the band's decently sized discography. I liked their style of harsh vocals and the lyrics themselves were very catchy and fairly clear (for a metalcore band anyway). In their newest release, Deliver Us, Darkest Hour has expanded their horizons and put together a solid album that will please fans of their previous albums, as well as give them a little something different.

    First of all, it seems they've experimented with much clearer, sung vocals, rather than the constant gravelly vocals that their previous albums contained. Usually, I'm pretty against bands doing this to their vocals, but in this case, it's not so extreme that it takes away from the older style that I originally liked. Songs such as Sanctuary and Demon(s) feature choruses that are more sung than screamed…
  • My Burn Listy!!

    29 Apr 2007, 23:14 by KTD264

    I'm bored and have nothing better to do. Based on my last computer bitch fit that lost all of my music and forced to start my music collection from scratch, I decided to burn more cds now so that if such a demise happened to me thrice, I at least something to fall on if not on the computer. Here's my first burn list in a long time that I took very careful consideration into:

    Track 1: Red Breathe Into Me

    I heard this song originally on the Music Choice channel. Fell in love with it. I tracked it down on Blubster right away and badda bing badda boop it's the first track. They're christian too. Even more badass.

    Track 2: Into Eternity Absolution

    This is is pretty catchy for a metal-ish song I just couldn't resist. I downloaded songs at pure random because I was curious of this band and all in all made me the more fascinated with this band.

    Track 3: Disarmonia MundiCelestial Furnace

    Also originally heard it on Music Choice. I knew right away who the singer was. Bjorn. …