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  • Avatar for Sanity_Theorist
    The keyboards from this album onwards are basically perfect. Funny that I used to consider this an extreme loudness war case...a DR 7 is actually pretty high for modern death metal, and pretty much perfect lol.
  • Avatar for bonjovyborges
  • Avatar for Sanity_Theorist
    Ah....nostalgia. One of the albums that got me into death metal
  • Avatar for PapaEmeritus
    Great album!!!
  • Avatar for DeJumbi
    so legit
  • Avatar for ArrTheMesia
  • Avatar for AhSver
    I always thought that there's someone who blew out his brains.. But then the pose doesn't make sense.. A view depicting a deep and heavy hitting regret, disappointing and sudden physical un-enabling realization that the Damage is Done?
  • Avatar for DTjKK
    All these years later, I still don't know what the fuck that's supposed to be on the cover. Any ideas?
  • Avatar for Meloku666
    My first Dark Tranquillity's album, just got caught by "Monochromatic Stains" and bought it. Can`t believe that over 10 years has flown away since then...
  • Avatar for Dream_Lover89
    Кайфово, нет слов просто...)
  • Avatar for Neonar
    Shame you think it is overrated =/, I really think it is brilliant!
  • Avatar for Dyomaeth
    Their most overrated effort, but still amazing.
  • Avatar for Pezable
    Phenomenal Classic! Great memories listening this this album.
  • Avatar for retalaki
    Bought this a million years ago. Doesn't cease to amaze me!
  • Avatar for s4ch1n
    Melodic at its best.
  • Avatar for sandman8709
    There best work. Amazing to say the least.
  • Avatar for Yhavimoth
    Good shit.
  • Avatar for Last_Vanguard
    Their best, along with Haven. Heavy, emotional, epic.
  • Avatar for hammerstrikebg
    400 plays
  • Avatar for Lofder
    Отличный альбом, эмоции оставлю при себе
  • Avatar for BehnamSs
    the only album u can actually hear some good drumming
  • Avatar for Knife_Only
    My favorite, after that is Fiction. [3]
  • Avatar for porkzor
    Excellent cover art.
  • Avatar for jhon_in_flames
    My favorite,after that is Fiction. [2]
  • Avatar for CVince9
    not there strongest in my opinion but still has alot of awesome songs
  • Avatar for Vapetzi
    love this
  • Avatar for bartekowca666
    Good album for my level 80 Discipline PvE Priest xD
  • Avatar for EricWintczak
    favorite of mine. first i ever got :) so good!
  • Avatar for found_dead
    fucking best ever
  • Avatar for Tomer23
    One of their best.
  • Avatar for willv67
    Damn good album, take a few listens to fully apreciate it though.
  • Avatar for Rudy599
    flawless album this is their best so far then comes fiction \m/
  • Avatar for Lloyd2
    I like this more than haven or character but i still think the gallery is their best followed fiction and skydancer
  • Avatar for kenikki
    Second best DT album, with Fiction being #1 and Haven following that. I've never realy liked Character that much.
  • Avatar for GrimFaust
    LightlessMoon: What's so complex about this album? lol.
  • Avatar for carlos616
    It's hard to choose. It's been hard for a while, but I've made my choice: this is my favourite DT album. So fucking awesome.
  • Avatar for fretless11
    This is MASTERPIECE!!!! ;);););)
  • Avatar for antoonnn
    Awesome! My fav by DT.
  • Avatar for Empfys
    I still can't really decide which is better, this or Character. If I HAD to choose 1 though it would be character, there are a few weaker tracks on Damage Done that I never really thought much of....
  • Avatar for Omega_Switch22B
    It's been a while since I've listened to it (at least a year and a half), and while my tastes have changed somewhat, I still dig this stuff. Not as much, but it's very good nonetheless. It's also my favorite from DT (along with The Mind's I and The Gallery).
  • Avatar for Cookiemonstah
    the best of course
  • Avatar for Alex8V
    if not the best
  • Avatar for Alex8V
    greaaaaat album
  • Avatar for LightlessMoon
    fucking awesome. dt's most complex album
  • Avatar for QD3
    Much better than Character, IMO.
  • Avatar for djwings
    Monochromatic Stains is on there twice (with the wrong length), and Ex Nihilo (which is an awesome instrumental) is missing.
  • Avatar for Freezingpoint
    Definitely the best album DT has ever released. It contains many great songs. In contrast to Damage Done, Fiction and Character are simply weak.
  • Avatar for 3UNKNOWN3
    A lot of these songs remind me of 1984 by George Orwell. Just thought that was interesting.
  • Avatar for laveyne
    This album owns fiction or character
  • Avatar for isrendom


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