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  • Avatar for Buran-kun
    donotcurseatme, release date hasn't announced yet, but they already started recording the new album.
  • Avatar for donotcurseatme
    When are we getting a new album from these guys?
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  • Avatar for PregnantBeaver
    Dark Tranquillity really has it all. Crying melodies of The Mind's I/The Gallery, headbanging aggressiveness of Damage Done and meaningful lyrics all over the place :)
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  • Avatar for Quantic_Dream
    aWhisperingWind, не знаю. Ибо когда я увлекался подобным музлом, я не знал, насколько популярна та или иная группа. Ну и да, выразился я не правильно: не просто одна из лучших, а одна из лучших услышанных мной.
  • Avatar for Echlackowalex
    Жаль,что Хенрикссон ушёл,он ведь был с самого начала в группе:(
  • Avatar for lapagen
    Was he involved in the upcoming album and to what extent?
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  • Avatar for Last_Vanguard
    I'm still hoping it was an April Fool's joke that Henrikkson quit.
  • Avatar for lapagen
    So one member less on tours now?
  • Avatar for moonsorrow1992
    It's sad! I wonder if he was involved in the recording of the new album, he was the main songwriter, the band sound will change a lot surely!
  • Avatar for Rendot
  • Avatar for Rendot
  • Avatar for lapagen
    @kaiser_19 Terminus and Nothing to No One are killer as well as the whole Character but I can't tell which DT album I like the most. Fiction for sure is towards the end though.
  • Avatar for aWhisperingWind
    "Без сомнений - одна из лучших МДМ групп, если не лучшая! В шведской школе с ними сравнятся разве что Amon Amarth, пусть немного и на другой волне. Хз, когда я слушал МДМ, но этих ребят невозможно просто так взять и перестать слушать." А ты чтонибудь слышал из жанра у кого меншье чем 100 тысяч слушателей?
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  • Avatar for Juriat
    Ну прямо таки очень недурно !
  • Avatar for Quantic_Dream
    Без сомнений - одна из лучших МДМ групп, если не лучшая! В шведской школе с ними сравнятся разве что Amon Amarth, пусть немного и на другой волне. Хз, когда я слушал МДМ, но этих ребят невозможно просто так взять и перестать слушать.
  • Avatar for Pam-param-pam
    Классная группа, ставлю КЛАСС!!
  • Avatar for bonjovyborges
    Finalmente o Fiction conseguiu chegar noa maior numeraçao em reproduçoes... album fudido p caralho!
  • Avatar for Reflechissant
    The first three albums are pieces of art. Just look at the cover of The Gallery or The Mind's I. Pure magic. Some songs on the later material are indeed great, and Dark Tranquillity are one of the best bands at sustaining decent musical level and being commercially successful at the very same time. Luckily, unlike their counterparts - In Flames - they didn't end up looking like faggots who make music for little kids.
  • Avatar for Cabrasevera
    Damage Done > evertything.
  • Avatar for Kaiser_19
    Fiction has two of the best DT songs: Terminus and nothing to no one. The rest of the album is good too, but not great. Character has killer tracks from the beggining to the end.
  • Avatar for lapagen
    Fiction is too glorified next to the rest of their material. Not saying that it's bad though; of course it's great. I saw these dudes live, sadly with no bassist but still good, loved it.
  • Avatar for ColdSlaughter
    Fiction > Haven > Damage Done > The Gallery > Sky Dancer > Character > We Are The Void > Construct > The Mind's I > Projector.
  • Avatar for Kaiser_19
    Nether Novas is one of the most beautiful moments in the history of music.
  • Avatar for Remuerte
    @SkirrelNutkin: x]
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  • Avatar for IamtheUniverse
    Sign to bring back old
  • Avatar for darkofnight
    Think you might be looking for Arch Enemy...
  • Avatar for SkirrelNutkin
    I still can't believe Angela left :(
  • Avatar for darkofnight
    Might also have something to do with the super consistent line up.
  • Avatar for Kaiser_19
    I think the key of the success of Dark Tranquillity is the fact that every instrument in the band blends perfectly together with the others. With the exception of the vocals (Mikael is one of the best singers in metal for me,) they don't have a great drummer, the best guitar players or the best keyboardist. But everyone contributes at their own shining by their own merits. They are not over the top technical and also the prove you don't need to be hipertechnical to be good. I prefer so much Dark Tranquillity over Dream Theater tbh.
  • Avatar for Borreh
    Also, I get what you're saying, but what surprises me is that the electronics, while not being the focal point in DT, are much more prelevant than in some bands that *do* focus on them. Which is really odd, to say at least ;)
  • Avatar for Borreh
    Same here, I'm also forgetting about DT for a few months/years, then I relisten to their stuff and go like "WTF is this one of the best bands ever or what" and then proceed to forget to listen to them. Maybie it's because of their dystopic atmosphere. I love dark music but DT puts me in a very specific mood and I need to be... In the mood to be... In the mood... For the mood... Yes. Indeed.
  • Avatar for ngk44
    It's been years since I last gave this band a serious listen. Now I'm seriously wondering why.
  • Avatar for ngk44
    The electronic elements in DT's sound compliment their songwriting, rather than being the focal point of it. Musically they're still pure melodeath. Not that I have anything against industrial metal.
  • Avatar for Cabrasevera
    I love DT for that, they can Mix electronic music with death metal in a very unique way and without sound dumb, most of the other bands that do the same just sound like generic Industrial metal.
  • Avatar for Borreh
    I never stated they are industrial. I know many bands which use trance and electronica elements and yet they are considered "electronic metal" or "industrial metal" (Sybreed, Neurotech, Mechina, to name a few among many many more). Dark Tranquillity do the same, and yet everybody ignores that. I don't want everyone to start tagging DT as "electronic metal" (altough I find this tag perfectly fitting, apart from "melodic death metal" of course), but the absence of any mention of electronics when DT is the topic discussed is just odd to me.
  • Avatar for Symbolofallloss
    Borreh they are not Industrial at all, Industrial has nothing to do with synths and electronic. Dark Tranquillity uses Trance and Electronica elements in their music, albums like Damage Done, Character and Fiction.
  • Avatar for Borreh
    ... Those songs, at times, sound like freaking God Is An Astronaut. I really love the evolution of DT. I have no idea how can one say they're repetetive - I've heard a ton of repetetive bands, and they ain't one of them for sure.
  • Avatar for Borreh
    Also, I don't have anything against a guitar-oriented record, but please don't make it a "Character 2.0". For me, that's their weakest album. Absolutely and incredibly bland apart from 3-4 songs. I really loved what they did later. "Fiction" was an incredibly fun, melodic, slightly goth-ish album, "We Are The Void" was a killer CD; Hard to get into, mid-paced, with lots of more experimental and electronic-focused moments, but once you've gotten your hang around it, its rich and convoluted sound was nothing short of spectacular. Simillar for "Construct" - More energic and straightforward like Character, melodic and atmospheric like Fiction, with tons of great synth parts and more complex arrangements in the vein of WATV. I also like the new additions - More diversified guitar play (the variety is astounding, miles better than Character's monotone MDM riffing), and even post-rock (yes) inspired passages (For Broken Words, What Only You Know, Weight Of The End)...
  • Avatar for Borreh
    Lately I've been listening to DT again (Damnit how good this band it) and one thing popped into my head. Why no "electronic" or "industrial" tags? Yeah, I get it, funding father of melodic death metal et cetera yada yada. But for most of their career DT used a shitton of synths and electronics. More so than many "industrial metal" bands. Damnit, they're more "cyber" than Fear Factory for crying out loud. Why everyone keeps on not noticing those elements? They're not a one-off gimmick, they're an integral part of the music.
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    Check out ThrashGangsters new video clip "Terror Has Begun"
  • Avatar for Symbolofallloss
    Lesbian Metal, this is one of the oldest Lesbian Metal bands.
  • Avatar for Alice_North
    This is one of the oldest melodeath bands that have aged well [2], yeah, I listen to The Gallery and We are the Void with the same pleasure.
  • Avatar for spineshank155
    This is one of the oldest melodeath bands that have aged well, looking forward to hearing the new album.
  • Avatar for Neonar
    Didnt mean that other good ones dont exist. Just that it is harder to find ones that really stick.


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