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    7 Oct 2007, 15:19 by Receuvium

    My collection has three sections:

    Library: 734 songs (my combined collection)
    Phoenix: 564 songs (the bands and albums I tend to listen to)
    Receuvium: 425 songs (all the songs I enjoy the most)

    Although bands like Flaw, Evanesence and Rammstein sit at the top of my 'Most Listened To' lists, I haven't really listened to them in months. In fact, my collection on Last.fm should look quite different - which is why I'm writing this entry, to more accurately sample my musical taste.

    Well... hopefully you'll find some new bands on this list. I'm including one top-played song for each band. So, enjoy.

    15. Abiding Space
    Artist: Dark Suns
    Album: Existence
    Play Count: 30

    Dark Suns is a quite obscure band, which is a shame, because their sophomore album 'Existence' is an atmospheric masterpiece. This song is a perfect example of that. A light track accompanied with soothing vocals and beautiful lyrics. "There's time in hours, in days, in years..."