• Top Albums for This Year Thus Far

    19 Jun 2006, 05:23 by PerpetualWinter

    Yeah, I wrote this a couple weeks ago, but I'm way too lazy to edit it further:

    Well, so far this year we have one hell of a year for metal. I think that this could easily match last year which was fucking phenomenal. So right now on this the unholiest of days (6/6/06) I feel its a good time to start talking about the best releases (of the unholiest of music) so far this year. Alright fuckers, unleash your top 15's for the first half of the year.

    Now for those of you that are going to be inane enough to say "Its too early" or any of that bullshit. Don't bother, the entire point of having this discussion at any point prior to the end of the year is to help people find potential releases they may miss. I would bet that I'll point out some that somebody missed and vise versa. Nothing bothers me more in these posts than the idiot who can't figure that out on their own and bitches about how its "too soon" for this discussion.

    Here's my list thus far.

    1. Enslaved - Ruun