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Dark Muse is a one woman sound project consisting of the artist Ruby Smith (formerly Phyll). Which creates atmospheres ranging from haunting ethereal, to minimal, ritual dark ambient, experimental gothic and noise. Ruby approaches her art with an emphasis on raw emotion, while layering multiple voices as an instrument looped together with sounds that create textured landscapes to float in and out of. Ruby's focus is mainly voice along with Line6 DL4's, Boss Loop station, Lexicon efx unit, bowed cymbal, guitar, whistles, bells, gongs, water, wood, plastic, human breath, auto harps, metal nails, and other found objects.
All of her work is recorded in 'real' time & improvised & all of said work is then recorded live.

While the Dark Muse owns no "official" back catalog, she has produced several self-released DAM CDs through MP3.com’s music network back in the day and has self-produced several CDR releases. The Fossil Dungeon brought attention to Ruby’s ambitions through the release of her debut CD, "Sounds from Beyond the Silver Wheel" back in 2002.

Recently, Ruby has compiled 40 self released home burned cdr's on her Eyescream Jewelry site which is also the official DM site. Of the 40 discs, she has re-released a version of her first debut album as well. She has compiled each disc to relay a flow or concept or to span a certain time frame between each recorded track that tie in each piece, which also marks a turning point in the artists progression.

Aside from music, Ruby is also a full time jewelry artist, painter, photographer, digital artist & likes to dable in most art forms.

Current Offerings for listening and download/purchase, can be found at www.darkmuse.com


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