• solipsistic NATION No. 104: Cyborg

    22 Aug 2008, 19:39 by solipsisticast


    A few week’s back I released the 100th episode of solipsistic NATION and naturally I took stock of where the show has been. Almost right from the start I’ve been interviewing musicians and record labels or having guest DJs on the show. At first it happened once or twice a month but at some point that became the focus of the show. I’m not complaining, mind you, but it did mean that I was more of a host than a DJ, and I like being a DJ.

    Another consequence is that all the new music that comes my way piles up because I can only play so much of it each month. That’s frustrating because while I like the interview aspect of the show I feel like I’m doing you a disservice by not keeping you up to date on what’s new in the electronic music scene. I’ve decided to try and strike a balance and get back to being a DJ more than I have in the last year.

    This August is pretty cool because there are five Friday’s in the month, giving me even more opportunities to spin you some new tunes. …
  • solipsistic NATION No. 99: Terrorist Fist Jab

    18 Jul 2008, 23:50 by solipsisticast


    I try not too talk too much on solipsistic NATION because I’ve only got an hour to cram as much music and interviews into each edition of the show. I don’t want to waste your time with my banter. Besides, anything I can’t fit in the show I can always say in the show notes.

    We’re just months away from a presidential election here in the U.S. and after the longest political campaign in our country’s history things are really heating up. It’s been said that politics are a full contact sport and this campaign has been particularly ugly and for good reason: one of the former candidates, Hillary Clinton, is a woman and Barack Obama, is a black man. Despite the changing face of America our country has yet to fully come to terms with the much needed equality of women and race in our nation. Simply by being in the campaign Clinton and Obama has forced America to think about the issues of sex and race.

  • solipsistic NATION No. 87: Glitterdämmerung

    25 Apr 2008, 18:39 by solipsisticast


    Damn, this week’s show is packed with great stuff!

    When I relaunched solipsistic NATION as a podcast one of the first shows I did was a documentary about . Shortly afterwards I learned that was also working on a documentary about the genre called Nerdcore Rising. The documentary was recently released and I knew I had to get Negin on the show to talk about her documentary.

    Another person I’ve wanted to get on solipsistic NATION is drum and bass artist Panda. As luck would have it, Panda has put out a new album called Retake Manhattan that simply rocks! Panda and I have been exchanging emails during the last year and I nailed a date to get hm on the line to talk about his new CD. It’s rare to hear an electronic music concept album and Panda sails around the globe in a mere hour and ten minutes.

    Speaking of new releases, Meat Beat Manifesto has released a new album titled Autoimmune that is so…
  • solipsistic NATION No. 68: Elektrotribe Records

    14 Dec 2007, 20:43 by solipsisticast


    Back in August I did an all tech house show on solipsistic NATION and most of the music came from elektrotribe records. Elektrotribe’s co-founder, Rom1 and I exchanged a few emails and after many months I’m pleased to have him as a guest on solipsistic NATION.

    Elektrotribe Records is a label and management company based on an international community of music producers, DJs, designers, VJs and video producers. While a lot of Elektrotribe’s releases focus on tech house they’re not limited to that genre. Soulkut, for example, specializes in a kind of abstract hip hop and Dark Machines tends to be more drum and bass oriented.

    Speaking of which, Nikolce Vasilevski of Dark Machines will release his latest album, Motion, on Elektrotribe December 17th. If you loved Prodigy’s THE FAT OF THE LAND then you’re really going to dig Motion!

    01. Dark Machines220
    02. Interview with Rom1 of Elektrotribe Records