• Rate Your Music Sucks

    28 Sep 2007, 04:33 by AxemRangers

    [19:15] Uninterpretative: it honestly does look like discogs for retarded people

    It wasn't too long ago that I started seeing lots of folks on linking to pages on a site called "Rate Your Music," primarily for things like favorite album lists, but also in their profiles for no specific reason. Now, of course, for the longest time, I never followed or payed mind to these links at all. But as I started seeing more and more of them, I became embarrassingly intrigued as to why users on a music-oriented social networking site (of sorts) would be feverishly linking to another music-oriented social networking site. So, one day I pointed my Firefox to and set up an account to see what it was all about.

    After using many of the site's features, I can say with total conviction that I'm not at all sure what it is all about.

    Rate Your Music ("RYM") appears to be a poorly conceived, unpleasant chimera of MySpace, and Discogs. It encourages the same sort of music discussion as last. …
  • Today's purchases

    15 May 2007, 14:11 by spushnik

  • My Top 10 2006 Albums

    7 Jan 2007, 22:40 by johnmobbs

    1) Diy (Klik Records)
    Although a 2005 release for most of Europe, we didn't get this album in England until early this year. DIY is quite a surprising album really, as whilst I had a number of Dousk tracks and remixes that were pretty good, they were all very similar sounding. His debut album is anything but that though, with ambient, chillout and breakbeat tracks amongst the more trademark Dousk-sounding tracks. It's a real treat, and easily the album I've listened to more than any other album this year. Tracks like Espero Sun, Chrysalis and Sidewalk Lovin never get old. In fact, I seem to appreciate them increasingly the more I listen to them, which is now well over 50 times each.

    2) I Choose Noise (Distinctive)
    ‘I Choose Noise’ continues the Hybrid trend of evolving their sound into something more diverse and more brilliant than before. This album features a heavy influence from movie-soundtrack style productions – mostly thanks to the involvement of the genius that is Harry Gregson-Williams. …