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    29 Apr 2011, 22:26 by Groovemine

    Artist: Dark Dark Dark
    Album: Wild Go
    Label: Supply & Demand


    The album is arranged in a way that can be jarring, as is the case when Marshall LaCount takes on the lead vocals in “Heavy Heart,” directly after “Daydreaming,”—a dark reflective song that tries to tear through you but doesn’t quite get to the viscera. “Oh the unspeakable things,” Invie sings on the latter. You don’t know exactly what she is talking about; you can only guess. Her voice is complex, but doesn’t stop you cold. Instead, it grazes the surface of your skin like a diaphanous cocoon being spun around you as you listen.

    LaCount’s vocals on “Heavy Heart” sound child-like, spoken in a sad, pleading voice. The song gets dark at times, with the addition of an electric guitar driving melodies, and Invie joining in on the harmony and the chorus with graceful “ooh oh’s”.

“Right Path” is...

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