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  • Avatar for sugarfix_
    Pee Wee's Big Adventure
  • Avatar for ziggyblue
    Like a lobster huge and red!
  • Avatar for MalikondaLover
    Parade Attack by spider <3
  • Avatar for Wragel
    Ice Dance <3
  • Avatar for CapitanArsalan
    Just "Fantasy Smashed" From Hitchcock, this song blew my mind and soul.
  • Avatar for Qwistie
    Darkwave as Filmmusic. [2]
  • Avatar for dexterinette
  • Avatar for reagan0
    Oingo Boingo! :) Er... Beetlejuice!
  • Avatar for deathofhamlet
    V No, [url=]Brian Tyler & Danny Elfman[/url] - [url=]Avengers: Age of Ultron[/url]
  • Avatar for MinimalIllusion
  • Avatar for yotulio
    Corpse Bride <3
  • Avatar for BrunoLuis1
    Ice Dance <3
  • Avatar for Gabriel_Opeth
  • Avatar for chamberofhellos
    ‘So-Lo’ album reissued on CD after more than a decade out of print
  • Avatar for Moon_spell
    Ice Dance <3
  • Avatar for stetan
  • Avatar for Ildarka82
    The Ice Dance
  • Avatar for JCFantasy23
    Dolores Claiborne <3
  • Avatar for JCFantasy23
    Edward Scissorhands <3
  • Avatar for Rose-Amaranthe
  • Avatar for SoporAeternus-
    Kidnap the Sandy Claws <3
  • Avatar for licoricepizza
    happy birthday!
  • Avatar for r_ocketqueen
    Victor's Piano Solo ♥
  • Avatar for MalikondaLover
    The "Spider-man Main Theme" makes me cry. Thank you man ♥
  • Avatar for ULTRAMEOW
    MY HERO <3
  • Avatar for antoninlecure
    Darkwave as Filmmusic.
  • Avatar for Clackers
    Anyone know if American Hustle score will ever be released?
  • Avatar for Rockofages32
    Does anyone else think he should've done some of the Harry Potter soundtracks?
  • Avatar for Lowbacca
    batman.. spider-man.. hellboy..
  • Avatar for ethanpetty
    Ice Dance <3 [3]
  • Avatar for PaolaKlug
    I fuckIng love you.
  • Avatar for dannydeanrocks
    your a very amazing and inspirational artist
  • Avatar for BarbaraTManson
    Ice dance <3 [2]
  • Avatar for GDAutumnMay
    Danny, write something in a minor key with .. or, wait, never mind.
  • Avatar for theplasticmind
    Edward Scissorhands's music is a masterpiece
  • Avatar for Inamanica
    The Grand Finale :_)
  • Avatar for Washtali
    Sad there will be no Oingo reunion, but hes still in a class of his own. Truly a legend
  • Avatar for licoricepizza
    happy birthday!
  • Avatar for elisadalenogare
    A trilha sonora de "O Lobisomem" é simplesmente: perfeita! Adoro o filme e escuto a trilha frequentemente.
  • Avatar for eggcute
    Listening to the Dick Tracy soundtrack ♥
  • Avatar for LizaMotionless
    Oh my god, he is genius. Same about Tim Burton.
  • Avatar for Thayna2006
    Ice dance <3
  • Avatar for adrynalyna
    Danny is perfect with Tim Burton. Perfect music for perfect movies.
  • Avatar for karchota
    I love Danny Elfman ♥ His songs are the music that I skate always :)
  • Avatar for AshRyan0
    Loving Oz, and also IRIS which I just heard of for the first time when ordering Oz and picked that up too...bummed that the Cirque du Soleil show is over, after hearing Elfman's music for it I really want to see it!
  • Avatar for GoingUnder93
    Please go to this page and suggest correction "Danny Elfman" Spotify has these stupid tags.
  • Avatar for enjoycore
    fireside dance gives me goosebumps.
  • Avatar for aphoticapathy
  • Avatar for SeanAustin23
    Oz the Great and Powerful♥ [2]
  • Avatar for Epitymbidia
    I can't wait for "Oz the Great and Powerful"!


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