• The Albums From 2009 That I Liked Most

    10 Feb 2011, 10:34 by andtigers

    I wanted to marinate on my picks for 2009 for 6 months, but it was really closer to a year. In that time there was surprisingly little change. Better late than never, eh?

    There are 41 albums. Try not to worry about it. You'll also notice I use these words a lot: "Pacific Northwest," "Psychedelic," "Mathy." Try not to worry about that either.

    41. Rick Ross - Deeper Than Rap

    Rick Ross is not deeper than rap. This was just a terrible, terrible year for hip-hop. Thus this stupid, stupid collection of wonderful top 40-ready megahits looks even sweeter by comparison. Nothing here quite reaches that level of “Billionaire” brilliance, but “Maybach Music 2” comes close in its shocking display of appalling braggadocio -- plus it features nearly every living rapper. The few MCs who were not featured on “Maybach Music 2” appear elsewhere on this album. If your brain is wired to respond favorably to the indulgences of pop music, you will love this album.
  • Julie Doiron

    1 Oct 2009, 09:46 by aeagle

    Wed 30 Sep – Damnably Presents Julie Doiron at the Luminaire on September 30th

    I'm not sure what exactly I was responding to, but this was a great show. I've been a fan of Julie Doiron since she was in Eric's Trip, and have really liked the most recent two records, but I suppose I feared slightly that the show might reflect the more exposed emotion of her earlier records. (In part I think this was bad associations; while I really like those early Julie Doiron records, especially Loneliest in the Morning, I think I connect them with early Cat Power, and after seeing a couple of terrible introspective rambles presented shockingly into public as Cat Power shows, I think maybe I feared something similar.)

    I needn't have worried. Doiron was an engaging and friendly performer, the show was loud and rocking, and what soul-baring there was, confined to the between song banter (and even then, in that somewhat revealing recounting of the lobster baby dream, self-effacing and charming more than awkwardly honest). …