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  • Avatar for sco703
    Daniel the maniel.
  • Avatar for schuh1381
    First of many more to come
  • Avatar for LaCelobiasa
    I wish he came to Spain.
  • Avatar for musejpg
    daniel rossen's music is so beautiful i enjoy it so much. This man is super talented <3
  • Avatar for nenij
    Come to France too please!
  • Avatar for IanOhs
    you ignore the rest of Britain, Daniel; we'll be fine :(
  • Avatar for halfstrange
    voice of an angel~~~~~~~~~
  • Avatar for oceanseacrest
    Man, I would kill to see Dan live!! Too bad he's not playing near my city on his tour :(
  • Avatar for Ldannyweb
  • Avatar for MoonlitTears
  • Avatar for cthomas2
    another silent hour, another golden mile
  • Avatar for oceanseacrest
    His EP still holds up as the best release of 2012. Damn good stuff.
  • Avatar for gyzar
    Can't get enough of this. It might be even slightly better than the Grizzly Bear stuff.
  • Avatar for franz58
    Frankly, his solo effort is WAY better than Shields.
  • Avatar for kbyourself
  • Avatar for peburgess
    A very honourable mention for Silent Hour Golden Mile on my albums of the year list: Very lucky to have DR to listen to.
  • Avatar for palanwen
    Possibly one of the most genius artists I have ever been exposed to. I mean, come one now!
  • Avatar for kbyourself
    for those of you looking for more Daniel tracks, he's been putting out some tracks that never have previously seen the light of day on his soundcloud:
  • Avatar for oceanseacrest
    Just listened to the EP again for the first time in a while. I might like it better than Shields... and that's saying something, because Shields is my favorite album of 2012.
  • Avatar for Osilu
    Hands down, one of my favourite releases of 2012 and that's saying something. The best gift I could have asked near my birthday; really hope that someday he resumes Department of Eagles.
  • Avatar for ge_mig_arsenik
    Here for the koala pic.
  • Avatar for sinztye
    I've always preferred his vocals in Grizzly Bear
  • Avatar for danirabbit
    I'd like to marry him and have his babies
  • Avatar for HumbleGold
  • Avatar for Ohhdf
    Any similarities?
  • Avatar for dharmaaabummm
    I loved his EP, can't wait to hear more solo releases in the future!
  • Avatar for elfonzobonzo
    fair enough sleeping ute is great, it took me a couple of listens to realize.
  • Avatar for kempo23
    I agree with the Paul McCartney comparison. He's taken the 70s pop/folk/rock sound and made it his own.
  • Avatar for elfonzobonzo
    there's nothing on the new grizzly bear album that matches silent hour/golden mile
  • Avatar for Chelle_5
    I love Dan so much! He is the master!!! GENIUS!
  • Avatar for palanwen
    there is something very special about daniel's expression through art. can't pin point it - but it's one of those things that strikes me as truly extraordinary - much like joni mitchell or bob dylan's gift for expression. <3 you Daniel. :)
  • Avatar for kenhomme
    EP is sweeet.
  • Avatar for computerssaysno
    @shauniqua, heard that foshizzle, not a bad thing
  • Avatar for shauniqua
    had a bunch of Paul McCartney/Wings on before trying out the new EP and damn if i barely noticed a change in the records. strangely complementary.
  • Avatar for aquelematheus
    I wish this koala was hugging me instead!
  • Avatar for minusthepedro
    Listening to Daniel Rossen's new stuff more than compensates for me missing Grizzly Bear and longing for their new album.
  • Avatar for MachineDance
    saint nothing!!! what an amazing song!
  • Avatar for Younghappy
    Top effort!
  • Avatar for LeonSmith
    best ep in general i heard since "broken dreams club"
  • Avatar for vinylnow
    Madly in love with this man's voice.
  • Avatar for sbouy_311
    Omg his voice is so amazing!
  • Avatar for super-chicken
    EP is awesome. Hoping for a full-length release sometime soon.
  • Avatar for 3579km
    thank you very much for this project!
  • Avatar for Krupon
    Genius at work!
  • Avatar for blowcarrot
    Daniel & Koala:
  • Avatar for coco-channel91
    you would love it:
  • Avatar for MzCitizen
    Daniel Rossen solo, so beautiful
  • Avatar for lipwreck
    this dude is the "real deal"
  • Avatar for imkoreansowhat
    the ep is nothing short of amazing.
  • Avatar for let_itdrown
    After this album, I have to wonder how much of GBear is actually Daniel Rossen.


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