• HAVES: KC/Lawrence (& more) Music: splits/comps

    18 Nov 2010, 03:00 by thisisahiijack

    1. This is a journal containing bands and albums I have recordings from on my computer. Though I try to support local music as best as I can by attending shows and buying albums, not all of this music I am in direct physical possession of through purchase.
    2. Not all of the bands below are directly from the KC/Lawrence area. Other cities and towns I keep in this collection are Topeka, KS, Columbia, MO, Wichita, KS, Warrensburg, MO, Manhattan, KS, and a few other, more rural areas of the region. Essentially, it contains everything east of and including Wichita in Kansas, and everything west of and including Columbia in Missouri.
    3. In addition to the previous point, you will notice that not all of the bands here are current residents of the region. Many bands (Mates of State, White Rabbits, etc.) unfortunately decided to move away to a larger metro area. Others (The Appleseed Cast, Namelessnumberheadman), were started in different regions and then relocated here at some point, usually early in their career. …
  • Download the new Dandelion Snow album for FREE!

    29 Sep 2009, 16:48 by bbulletrecords

    We are extremely happy to announce that Dandelion Snow’s It’s Just A Bad Dream has been released today as a FREE digital download. Our reasoning for the free online download is explained further in the press release that is attached to this post. We’ve all spent a lot of time and effort on this album and we can’t wait for you to hear it!

    BIG BULLET RECORDS Official Press Release – September 29, 2009

    On Tuesday, September 29, 2009 BIG BULLET RECORDS will be releasing the new Dandelion Snow album entitled “It’s Just A Bad Dream”. The album will be available in three mediums: a FREE online download will be available through BIG BULLET RECORDS and Dandelion Snow, advanced copies will be available at shows for a small donation during the current Dandelion Snow tour, and the completely packaged physical copies will be available for a very reasonable price.

    We at BIG BULLET RECORDS are extremely proud of the new Dandelion Snow album. …
  • BBR announces two new releases!

    30 Jul 2009, 01:13 by bbulletrecords

    We at BIG BULLET RECORDS are proud to announce two brand new upcoming releases.

    The first is from Massachusetts-based songwriter Stephen MacDonald. Steve is the newest full-time addition to the BBR family, and his latest album "We Are Bound" (featuring backing band The Okay Win) is now available for pre-order HERE!

    The second release is from good friend and recent BBR collaborator Dandelion Snow. His newest record, an collection of 11 songs called "It's Just A Bad Dream" will be out in late September on BIG BULLET RECORDS. If you pre-order now you can snag a free t-shirt too! Pick your copy up