• new Release on ArtSpace records 'Evoco' by Dan Westlake

    20 Jan 2010, 07:39 by westlake72

    Evoco (Latin: to draw out, draw on or produce), is a suite of three electronic movements from London composer Dan Westlake on ArtSpace Records. The first track, Atlantic, evokes the comfort of 21st Century travel as apparent random variations on a simple electronic piano rift glide you across the sky, gentley bumping over white candy floss clouds. Track 2, Stars, is a shimmering evocation of celestial beauty built on the phasing of a deceptively simple arpeggio bringing about a series of ethereal peaks and heavenly descents. The final track, People in Glass Houses, begins with a hypnotic one note piano groove that grows into an incessant demand for reseloution provide by an electric storm of synthetic sonic sirens. A conflict takes place here eventually resolved by the return the pianos persistent groove.