• On an Evening in Roma-Denver

    20 Nov 2008, 21:05 by woodtrevor21

    Fri 14 Nov – Elisa

    Elisa Dan Craig

    Elisa: what an amazing singer! I had never heard of her until a week before when my sister invited me to go to her concert in Denver at the Soiled Dove on Nov. 14th, 2008. My sister and her boyfriend came across Elisa’s music when they studied in both Spain and Italy (respectively); and they were ecstatic when they heard that she was playing in our hometown for her US/Canada Tour.

    But just knowing the talent she and her band has, and including her beautiful voice, I was surprised at the small turn-out at the venue. That nevertheless took away from the strikingly beautiful performance that had conducted that night. She has a certain energy that compliment's her music subtly and effectively. And it helps to have a talented group around her including guitar, bass, keyboards, and drums -- each contributing nicely to Elisa's sound as an artist.

    Also, to note, there was a new and fresh sound that came from the locally-based artist Dan Craig. …