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Before we Began
Dan Burnette

Before we Began

Released May 4th, 2011 Before we Began is the first installment of the four Before we Began albums by Dan Burnette. The album was recorded from October 16th, 2010 to May 3rd, 2011. It is the first album in the Before we Began "Quadriligy". The concept is that it's "Before we Began" as in demo like recordings. Dan has said "Its supposed to sound the way it does. Mainly though because I recorded it with what I had. Low quality recording stuff. Like my phone, or my mom's laptop voice recorder. They sucked sound quality wise. And I also hated this fricken album. I know that it is a recording so. But it has grown on me, mainly because this is where it really started. This is my real debut album. Not a mixtape or a demo, This Is Dan Burnette's beginning".

This album, along with the other 3 in the "Before we Began" series will be Re-Released. The Re-Release will include 2 Discs. Disc 1 will contain the original May 4th, 2011 album plus bonus tracks. Disc 2 will contain alternate and Re-Recorded versions of the songs on the album and songs that didn't make the album.

These albums include Before we Began II, Before we Began III, and Before we Began IV. This album will be titled Before we Began (Re-Release), and will be Re-Released on December 1st, 2021. It was released as an album for the Christmas Market as a treat.


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