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  • Avatar for watermelon
    uh huh, uh huh.
  • Avatar for bobroper
    Dan Black should hit it big - great track here!
  • Avatar for ohjamusik
    ella.. ella.. eh.. eh.. ehh.
  • Avatar for thiella
    Now that I've listened to the Nitzsche theme again and seen the Symphonies music video, it's clear the instrumental layer is from Starman.
  • Avatar for thiella
    What it reminds me of, with unmistakable similarity, is the melody from Jack Nitzsche's composition for the saccharine theme of the film "Starman".
  • Avatar for Zombienation1
    yes. =)
  • Avatar for gustavosimpson
  • Avatar for hayward
    How many fucking people are going to say LOL RIHANNA. BAH! Brilliant song, very well put together, the different layers are perfect. And i'm with the capitalisation, please do it.
  • Avatar for Gnammi_
    Love this song. Love Dan.
  • Avatar for MGMTkids
    ye same here, this song does nothing but reflects my life ...
  • Avatar for beeyawnkuh
    This song defines my life wholly
  • Avatar for ForgottenSon87
    Best song of the year so far.
  • Avatar for esquire360
    great video one of the best i've see I'll buy this song!
  • Avatar for klimkov
  • Avatar for LoereMoehre
    love this song....
  • Avatar for justjacky
    someone capitalize this motherfucker [3] D:
  • Avatar for spankyx
    someone capitalize this motherfucker [2]
  • Avatar for CrizzleSnaps
    someone capitalize this motherfucker
  • Avatar for oneinchbadgepin
    er... so it's just like HYPNTZ but with different lyrics?
  • Avatar for ruggs34
    ***** TUNE*****
  • Avatar for Thaoo
  • Avatar for xParker
    I fucking hate it when the first listener shits up the tags. [2]
  • Avatar for Lavezzi
    I fucking hate it when the first listener shits up the tags.
  • Avatar for erzea2
    one of the songs of 2009
  • Avatar for justjacky
    This song needs a capital "S".
  • Avatar for Merockdj
    Pezzo Meraviglioso. Grande Ritorno da solista


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