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  • pashelast

    Dan > Matt

    September 2011
  • Andysan555

    Emergency Room is epic win, more please Dan. See you on 21st May!

    May 2010
  • PyroMonkeyWv

    @ws357: uh yes and the better lyricist.

    April 2010
  • chump86

    i know the cousin of this guy. hes a fucking badass drinking dude. one of the coolest i've ever met.

    February 2010
  • ws357

    fucking no

    January 2010
  • Psaurcacneosisa

    the better vocalist in Alkaline Trio

    November 2009
  • bsure13

    Dan's solo stuff is fantastic but i wish we could get some more Tuesday

    October 2009
  • rushers22

    Alkaline Trio vocalist/bassist Dan Andriano has started a new solo-project called Emergency Room. Andriano will debut his new tunes out on the road in the US next month for a series of dates including shows with former labelmates The Get Up Kids "I've been working on a lot of new songs and I'm pretty excited to get out and play them," he says. "And yes, I'll probably be playing a couple Alkaline Trio songs. Maybe someday this will become a band, I do not know. What I do know is that for these shows, I will be all alone." In related news, Alkaline Trio vocalist/guitarist Matt Skiba will release a solo album of his own early next year.

    September 2009
  • dna42

    If you like Dans Vocals then check out his old band

    August 2009
  • XXMoonshineXX

    ahh, cant get much better then this (:

    July 2009
  • wakethedead88


    April 2009
  • Tim_13

    Starlitelily is right. Dan Andriano is in Alkaline Trio, but he is not Alkaline Trio. To compare them is not fair. What I think is fair, is to compare them to the songs that he sings for Alkaline Trio. With that in mind, they stack up pretty well, and even surpass some songs. (If You Had a Bad Time, I'm looking in your general direction!)

    August 2008
  • starlitelily

    i like the three solo songs. i don't compare them to trio songs. they just stand alone.

    August 2008
  • AshNight

    Dandriano does rule but his 3 solo songs don't.

    July 2008
  • PrinceAlbert15

    Dandriano rules.

    June 2008
  • Kurtzekiel

    he sounds like he's crying

    April 2008
  • slowmotion2224

    Why don't you guys just fuck off? Just fuck the fuck off. Fuckers.

    March 2008
  • bertality

    awesome new pic

    March 2008
  • bertality

    what has any of that shit got to do with dan u cocks? dan's music is great, hope he'll have time to do a solo album like chris from lawrence arms. that'd be awesome! :)

    March 2008


    October 2007
  • ElRushkoff

    falcon owns nuff said trio also own but in a different way

    September 2007
  • tw04flinchin

    alkaline trio is the best band like eva....

    June 2007
  • matthess

    well considering the falcon is good, but far from one of the greatest bands of all time, youre a fucking idiot.

    June 2007
  • Ryan_PRRK

    no from Slapstick - Tuesday - Alkaline Trio - The Falcon. lol u cant fail to mention one of the greatest bands of all time.

    April 2007
  • GodCalledInSick

    You forgot Tuesday. Slapstick - Tuesday - Alkaline Trio

    February 2007