• Review: The Heartbrroken Bring Power and Emotion To Vancouver

    17 Apr 2011, 16:49 by davnetdoyle

    February 22, 2011
    By Lauren Mulcahy

    Concert Photos: By
    Lauren Mulcahy

    It started out as a quiet Tuesday evening at The Media Club in Vancouver B.C. however it didn’t last for long. First on tonight’s bill was acoustic, folk artist Jonas Shandel. Shandel is a Vancouver local and best known for his work in Canadian band, Headwater. But now after releasing a 7 track self titled EP in 2009, Shandel is branching out on his own.

    Shandels set started out a bit on the calm side, playing to a crowd no bigger than thirty. But despite how unnerving it may seem, he made the most out of it. Shandels songs The Difter and All Good Things are the kind that makes you long for warm summer days and carefree afternoons. He relates to the crowd by drawing inspiration from everyday life, especially Facebook creeping as he mentioned. Listening to them in an intimate setting couldn’t have been better.

    Afterwards, headlining band of the evening, The Heartbroken took the stage. …
  • Performance review - Buying shots for bands

    11 Dec 2010, 21:44 by davnetdoyle

    Opening up the night was Toronto-based country band The Heartbroken, who released their debut album, Tonight Tonight, earlier this year. The Heartbroken is comprised of Damhnait Doyle (vocals, guitar), Blake Manning (drums, vocals), Stuart Cameron (guitar), and Peter Fusco (bass). They started off their set to a relatively sparse crowd, but by the end of the their set it was packed. Doyle is so charming and has a serious set of chops, particularly impressive when she’s completely belting it out. It was a solid set of feel good country and as the crowd started to grow, the audience got more and more into the set.

    A cute moment was when Doyle revealed that Fusco had missed a couple of the tour dates with The Grapes of Wrath because he just had a baby (or rather, the mother of his child had the baby). This resulted in Doyle attempting to guilt the audience into buying their merch so Fusco could put diapers on said baby. So here’s a note to all of you: if you like ‘em, buy their merch.
  • Interview - INsights IN 10

    25 Oct 2010, 23:03 by davnetdoyle

    The always awesome Damhnait Doyle NL jumps into the hot seat to play INsights IN 10. A rapid fire* 10 questions designed to learn all we need to know about the person being asked....sort of.

    We’ve got a full interview on the way with Ms. Doyle but in the meantime hopefully this will tide you over. SABS

    Damhnait Doyle INsights IN 10*RE: rapid fire – it should be noted - this is the longest round of INsights IN 10 ever recorded – but then again when it’s Damhnait Doyle more is more...so we’re good with that!
    And to top it all off...

    Our crack research team has discovered that while this may be the 2nd edition of INsights IN 10 where someone was wearing a classic style hat...it is actually the 4th edition in which someone is wearing something on their head (For the record Bruce Guthro wore a cap and Dean Brody wore a cowboy hat) I stand corrected.sb
    Captives - Film

    FYI - This is Damhnait's favourite movie! Courtesy: Miramax Films

  • Review - Gordie Sampson - Making 'Must Have' Music

    21 Jul 2010, 16:08 by GSampson

    Video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=K8XAZV3MKBI&feature=player_embedded

    In this world of ipods and digital downloading – the subject of ‘desert island albums’ so very rarely comes up any more, (of course with the proliferation of cell phone service and the ever increasing world population, not to mention booming tropical island resort business – you’d be hard pressed to find yourself stranded anywhere anymore let alone on an desert island complete with a sound system – but I digress). Were you to chat with a few people over 40 - they may recall having been asked the question – “If you were stranded on a desert island and could only bring one album – what would it be?” Well I tell you all of this because – my ‘desert island album’ is Gordie Sampson’s Sunburn. A fact that I shared with him a few years back during a telephone conversation – and while – yes it may have caused a palpable uneasiness between us...like one would have with someone they believe may or may not be a stalker. …
  • On The Beat – Luminato Sounds By Kerry Doole

    11 Jun 2010, 14:12 by dvdmyles

    DAVID MYLES: This singer/songwriter has quickly become a favorite in folk music circles, and has just released a strong new album, Turn Time Off (produced by JOEL PLASKETT). His recent Hugh’s Room gig showed what the fuss is about, as he and his skilled band played two crowd-pleasing sets. Highlights included CBC Radio favorite “Driving Through” and the new CDs opening and closing songs, “Out Of Love” and “I Will Love You.” Myles delivered witty repartee between songs, talking about falling for the charm of a Jonas Brother at the Much Music Video Awards, believe it or not. Myles has pretty irresistible charm himself, and the crowd (many of them follow Maritimers) responded warmly. East Coast musical peers spied at the gig included KIM STOCKWOOD and DAMHNAIT DOYLE. Myles promised plenty more Toronto gigs (“I’m going to crack this market,” he joked), and that’s welcome news. One already announced is at North By Northeast (NXNE), June 18 at The Dakota.

    Source: http://www.corrieretandem.com/viewstory.php?storyid=10232
  • News: Rwanda: Rises Up! - album out June 22nd on Sony Music

    28 May 2010, 12:09 by davnetdoyle

    The Rwanda: Rises Up! album will be released on June 22, 2010. Artists such as Damhnait Doyle, Steve Bays of Hot Hot Heat, Tim Edwards of Crash Parallel, Classified and more have come together to record this fantastic album. More information is available at Song For Africa

    SOURCE: http://www.songforafrica.com

    Damhnait Doyle Steve Bays Hot Hot Heat Tim Edwards Crash Parallel Classified
  • Damhnait Doyle - Final Column

    17 Feb 2010, 15:21 by davnetdoyle

    I truly believe the universe gives you what you need, when you need it. I also believe that everything happens for a reason, which makes me pretty popular with friends who are looking for a positive outlook on a situation and more than a little irritating to those who prefer to marinate in the negative. So this weekend when I received an email saying this would in fact be the last week of my column for The Telegram, I immediately saw the good side. Truth is there have been so many instances over the years, whether I was traveling in Africa, Afghanistan, or rural Newfoundland where the sheer stress of trying to find an internet connection to meet my deadline nearly killed me. Or the days I had to steal away from a writing or studio session to try and finish my column, only to stare at the computer screen, worrying that I used up all my words for song lyrics. Depending on what was going on in the world and in my life, I have spent as much time trying to edit down wild, novel length thoughts into a 400 word piece…
  • Damhnait Doyle's Column - February 4, 2010

    6 Feb 2010, 21:11 by davnetdoyle

    I have been in a bit of a tizzy the last few weeks finishing and polishing up songs before my band goes into the studio next week - mostly because I thought they were pretty perfect before we went in there digging around the dirt. Writing a song is a bit like buying a new coat, putting it on and knowing it was made for you. It's warm, it goes with everything, you feel like a warrior when you put it on and are more than a little sad when you have to take it off. You admire it as it hangs on its hook and wish you'd found it sooner, because it's the one thing you can put on, that makes you happy. Then out of the blue, you get invited out for the evening, you show up and everyone is dressed to the nines, in suits, dresses and high heels, and there you stand in your winter jacket. Only it doesn't seem as warm or as beautiful as it did the day before, in fact you can't help but feel a little embarrassed by it, because all those times you loved it so much and never wanted to take it off…
  • Damhnait Doyle's Column - January 28, 2010

    1 Feb 2010, 12:02 by davnetdoyle

    In the long days since a massive earthquake devastated the country of Haiti, the onslaught of video, stories and pictures of the aftermath have proven to be sickeningly sad. Yet somehow today, something affected me more than anything else I've seen, an image of police shooting at " Looters" in Port Au Prince. I guarantee you, if I lost my family right before my eyes, managed to climb, or get pulled out of a rubble of concrete, had to spend the following week looking up at the sky, praying for the circling planes to land and bring medical supplies to those with festering wounds in the streets, orphanages and nursing homes, where people who don't believe that help will ever arrive and hope for death to take them soon, I would break a window or two. If I had not eaten for over a week and the only drop of water I put to my lips was riddled with parasites, disease and filth and made me sick instantly, I would grab a stale loaf of bread I could not pay for ( because I lost everything single thing I ever had in the quake)…
  • Damhnait Doyle's Column - January 21, 2010

    24 Jan 2010, 00:17 by davnetdoyle

    Tonight is a big night for the Doyles, a big night for the Private Investigating industry in Canada and a big night for Newfoundland. I have lived my whole life with people getting in my face and asking me " your name is what?" or " How do you say that for God's sake? Damanit, Damanah, Damnbrat?" and when they do attempt to spell it, a swear word is jammed in the middle, or at the very least a ph. So outside of the island and even though it too has been mispronounced, I have clung on to my last name as some sort of personal ID, like a life preserver. I should at this point disclose that after twenty years of pronouncing my name " Davnet" , I learned from a friend of my mothers that my first name is actually pronounced "Downith" and that in Ireland, " Damhnait" is the patron saint of mentally ill people. Doyle, however is a name that means a lot of things, it means family, good times, occasional brushes with the law and a bucket load of love. …