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There are at least three groups named Damage Inc.

1) Damage Inc. consist of a group of old skool ravers that wanted to make new music in the style that they used to love,rather than producing modern trends.
Signed to Sonic Fortress Records,they produce music that is a cross of old skool,DnB,hardcore,trance,garage and whatever other genre they feel like mashing up!

Damage Inc. play out on the award winning www.remanissradio.net every Saturday,6-9pm and the award winning Eruption FM every Monday,8-10pm.

2) Damage Inc. - polish experimental/noise/industrial/breakcore/metal project. Guitar heresy, cheeky laugh right in the face of rock and heavy-metal corpse. Break of the spine of stylistic conventions and the ways of making and recording guitar-music with sadistic smile and insanity in eyes. Satanic mixture of industrial, trash, grind and digital hardcore. And yes – it’s going to be louder…

You can find links to it's mp3 releases on www.myspace.com/damageincpl

3) Czech Metallica revival band.

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