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Daleka obala is a Croatian band formed in Split, in 1988. The band was formed by Marijan Ban (vocal), Jadran Vušković (guitar), Boris Hrepić (bass guitar), Zoran Ukić (drums) and Bogo (syntisizer). Daleka obala means "distant coast" in Croatian.

The band became famous through mixing modern rock and blues with local Dalmatian themes, and the use of the Dalmatian dialect in many of its Croatian-language songs (they also flirted with English in 1992's "Why"). From 1997 onwards, Ban started to participate less and less on the albums, an the band began to experiment with various guest vocalists, most notably Neno Belan.

After the band broke up in 2002, two members of the band went on to form The Obala, which recorded 2 CDs to date. Ban went on to have a solo career.

Daleka Obala's most famous songs are : Ruzinavi Brod, Kurve, Di si ti, Roza, Od mora do mora, Mrlje, Tonka, Mojoj Ljepoj and Morska Vila.

Discography :

1. Daleka obala (1990)
2. Ludi mornari dolaze u grad (1992)
3. Mrlje (1993)
4. Morski pas (1994)
5. Di si ti (1997)
6. Od mora do mora (1998)
7. 1999-2000 (1999)
8. Uspomena - Sve Najbolje Uživo (2002) (live album)

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