• March CD Buys

    31 Mar 2008, 00:13 by DukesTravels

    A batch of anime singles makes this month's stash look like more than it really is...

    >> The B-52's: Funplex
    The B-52's are back, and they've brought their brand of quirky indie-pop with them into the 21st century. There's some great stuff here, and the band's sound is as fun as ever.

    >> Dmitri from Paris: Neko Mimi Mode
    Imported from Japan. Single containing both OP songs for the anime Tsukuyomi, including the way-too-cute-to-be-legal "Neko Mimi Mode" and the more mysterious sounding counterpart, "Tsuku Yomi Mode". Vocals for the songs are provided by Hazuki's voice actor, Chiwa Saito, and karaoke versions of each song are also included.

    >> Missy Higgins: On a Clear Night
    One month ago, I had never heard of Missy Higgins. But then on one of my usual visits to my local Newbury Comics store, one of the guys that works there who I usually talk to when I stop in recommended her to me, knowing that I like Emma Pollock. …
  • A list of Splendid Splendidness

    20 Apr 2007, 22:25 by Gnac

    This entry serves two main purposes: one is sort of useful and the other(s) is/are utterly stupid.

    First, the stupid reasons: to pimp this link in the artist pages of everyone I listen to, to shamelessly get people to click on it, and to annoy those who did.

    Second, to test a PHP script which automatically extracts data from Winamp generated HTML playlists - so I can honestly say that this DOES contain everything on my playlist at the time I made this entry.

    1300 Items

    1-Speed Bike (1-Speed Bike)
    13 & God (13 & God)

    3 Studies for a Crucifixion (3 Studies For A Crucifixion)
    324 (324)
    360° Positive Rockers (360° Positive Rockers)

    The 45 King + John Klemmer (The 45 King + John Klemmer)

    5th Garden (5th Garden)

    8-Bit Weapon (8-Bit Weapon)
    808 State (808 State)
    8up (8up)

    9 Lazy 9 (9 Lazy 9)

    µ-Ziq (µ-Ziq)

    A.P.E. (A.P.E.)
    Aavikko (Aavikko)
    Aavikko & Kabar (Aavikko & Kabar)
    Above the Law (Above the Law)
    Aceyalone (Aceyalone)