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  • Avatar for ramlevi99
    Face To Face.mp3
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  • Avatar for melsu_
    one of the best things they've ever done. [2]
  • Avatar for Ninja_fighterR
    Probably my favourite daft punk song. :)
  • Avatar for onegiantpanda
    The whole start then build up through 'amazing what you'll find face to face...' section (with Harder Better in the background) is so ridiculously spectacular. And as someone said: Live. OMG.
  • Avatar for digitaldisc0
    gorgeous outro
  • Avatar for AlaskaLoneWolf the hook. Gets me every time.
  • Avatar for Kershlaus91
    face to faaaace
  • Avatar for SpiderTrail
    Probably one of the best tracks off the entire Alive 2007 album, if not of their full discography...
  • Avatar for dmitry-kruglov
    i will never get sick of this track!
  • Avatar for julicious_juju
    Actually seeing it live was just...... Wow.
  • Avatar for jakobdorof
    one of the best things they've ever done.
  • Avatar for ChevyNovaSS
    doesnt get much better then this
  • Avatar for m_bambus
    epic fusion
  • Avatar for Dingane1
    the transition makes this whole track
  • Avatar for Oliver__M
    They slayed with this track.
  • Avatar for Satsuki-Kun
  • Avatar for panuki
    officially addicted to this
  • Avatar for tom1young
    The moment it changes to Short Circuit at 3:30 makes me moist
  • Avatar for fnmadicto
    Work it harder, make it better, do it faster makes us stronger, more than ever hour - our work is never over never over never over
  • Avatar for Sotamuumi
    Jesus that beat. this rox
  • Avatar for punkenough92
    i cried listening to this song
  • Avatar for stylezp23
  • Avatar for super_giuppy
  • Avatar for kyusslover
    I think I might hire them for my birthday party
  • Avatar for ArcticMonkeyyy
    fear will always make you bliiiind
  • Avatar for hero4music
    <---- epic smiley to this song
  • Avatar for CharlieOwnsYou
    shet, if they come back to the US Southwest I'm there no matter who I leave dead and bloodied along the way
  • Avatar for ninjanickglav
    Alive 2007 was the first album i ever bought. ...not because i am young, but really cuz i am a pirate. but a great choice on my part, epic buy, great album
  • Avatar for gtasahomo
    This song makes me want to pleasure myself.
  • Avatar for loudERIC
    Yep, novellah. They're doing the music for the new Tron movie that's currently being made. The debuted a track at Comic Con this year with the new light cycle from the movie.
  • Avatar for MonkiMajyk
    love it.
  • Avatar for steviefeelgood
  • Avatar for cindy4321
    love this one!!!!
  • Avatar for novellah
    seriosly yukon?
  • Avatar for Nine1000
  • Avatar for chwangton
    Alive 2007... best tour ever. don't wait 10 years for the next one!
  • Avatar for YukonCornelus
    Disney recently signed these guys.
  • Avatar for cheukie
    Oooooohhh....Their concert in Paris (2007) was unforgetable. This electro funk is so genius created.
  • Avatar for sdants
  • Avatar for Nico_Bryant
    lol! /clap Duft Punk
  • Avatar for GeeOfThePwn
    i prefer the original, but this is nice too
  • Avatar for Rujevit
    This is insane! Fucking insane! Hope I see them live soon...
  • Avatar for thefilmwizard
    All I have to say is... Work it, make it, do it-, makes us-----harder, better, faster stronger------ work it harder, make it better, do it faster, makes us stronger---- more than ever, hour after work is never over.....
  • Avatar for Sguero
    da paura...e pensare che la scorsa estate sono venuti gratis eeeehhhhhh?si gratis a torino con spalla gli Lcd soundsystem!!!!!!!!di mercoledi' fanculo di mercoledi'!!!!!!!!!non sono potuto li ribecchero'...costi quel che costi.
  • Avatar for RobKuijpers
    Insane concert/album
  • Avatar for Tacgnol2
    demasiado buena esta cancion!
  • Avatar for cheriiiliips
  • Avatar for xipameapussa
    I was there in the SUDOESTE..PORTUGAL..I LOVED
  • Avatar for Ali_Rules
    love it!


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