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Daft Punk

Doin' It Right (feat. Panda Bear) (1:39)

“The angelic voice is by Panda Bear (Solo artist and from Animal Collective). We absolutely love the solo work he’s done, as well as the band approach to their music. This track – the only fully electronic one of the album – was the last one recorded. It feels so relaxed. Maybe our most futuristic effort and our most contemporary track.”


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  • Bota na cabeça que estilo não é marra
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  • excellente.
  • The Bass here is MASSIVE
  • If you love this song, you're doin' it right!
  • I love it :) [3]
  • Ben...edict....
  • Panda bear absolutely kills it on this track. This track is up there with animal collectives similarly styled "my girls" in my book.
  • fucking love this
  • All night, every night, and she'll never know.

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