• Dafunk back to Der Katalog

    1 Jan 2010, 15:38 by Kaitju

    I just had to get Der Katalog. There are many good reasons for that: a) the re-mastering was done well, b) I didn't have The Mix at all and c) I wanted their German language versions of those certain albums. Too bad Der Katalog wasn't an absolute discography release. Early material, singles and live album should've been part of the box. Other than that it's a must for Kraftwerk fans.

    Daft Punk's Alive 1997 and Alive 2007 are a great chance to check out how their live performances have changed in a decade. 1997 they had only one album. In 2007 they had 3 albums and a huge international fan base. In addition they also came up with a brilliant concept how to do a real DJ set and still make it feel like it was a concert: mashing up and mixing their hits. Alive 2007 just screams for a DJ Hero DLC release. Sold!

    Animal Collective is really spewing out releases at the moment. Brother Sport came out as a 10" single and they also released Fall Be Kind EP. Good stuff naturally.