• Boredom, hence...

    20 Jul 2008, 23:32 by Champ213

    Put your music player on shuffle and put whatever plays as the answer no matter how stupid it sounds like.

    Well, ok, I skipped japanese titles that I couldn't translate right away, cause I was too lazy to look up vocabulary...

    My name is... Lord Knows
    So... I don't don't know my own name, but some ominous Lord does? Great...

    I am... JEALOUS
    Undoubtly a result of the fact that someone else knows my name, but I don't.

    I feel like... The lady's gift
    May I assume that the Lady is the wife of said Lord?

    I want to be... Ard R Na Heireann
    I don't speak gaelic(?). So how do I know if I want to be that?

    I wish... サイコトランスエボリューション
    Sounds like fun.

    Your Life

    When I was born... infinity love

    My parents made me while... Belladonna & Aconite
    ...are obviously toxic plants, as wikipedia told me. Eerie...

    My first words were... Hymenaios
    Wikipedia had to help out again: "Hymenaios was a god of marriage ceremonies and later also the god of membranes…