• And still the recommendations come

    4 Feb 2008, 23:13 by Kapitankraut

    I seem to have got some radically different recommendations this week, courtesy of some different listening patterns. So let's see what I should perhaps be listening to:

    1. Quintessence of Flesh - "Cries in the Depth"
    Gothic metal from Croatia, of all places. The band apparently only recorded two songs before their guitarist and lead singer died of a brain tumour, which is rather gothic of him. It's not a bad song, but far too poppy during the clean vocal parts (there are rasps, which sound very artificial). The vocalist also has a very monotonous voice, which is rather a letdown.

    2. 1349 - "I Am Abomination"
    Norwegian black metal, and it contains elements that clearly indicate. The guitars are charging all over the place, the drums are having difficulty keeping up and the vocals are sounding very evil indeed.
    That said, it never seems to surpass the "sound and fury, signifying nothing" point. It just never goes anywhere in particular, which is a problem with a lot of black metal.