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    He's awesome. His music, style... awww, perfect.
  • Avatar for viragom
    v I'm sorry but that's probably the lamest excuse I've ever heard... If you want him in your top tracks so bad listen to his own songs on repeat, don't fuck with the tags just so it seems like you are a bigger fan than you actually are (which is what it seems like...). There's a lot of bands I try out because an actor or artist I'm a fan of recommends them, but I'm not about to tag it as that actor's music just for that reason...? It doesn't make any sense.
  • Avatar for Satou-JoeL
    everybody knows that a lot of sisen isnt really by sisen, he just plays those at lives and no-one cares to correct it really cause we got to listen to those songs thanks to him lol
  • Avatar for viragom
    v The top tracks are generally pretty messed up
  • Avatar for AuroraJRock
    SPOOK is not by SiSeN you idiots. It is from a dutch Hardcore DJ called Angerfist...
  • Avatar for Zebal
    Seen him live two years. It was fucking awesome.
  • Avatar for caioescence up please
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  • Avatar for IryouCrissis
    Always fun to Skype with. ;)
  • Avatar for Jubasaur
    Mehhh it's SiSeN not Sisen D: [2]
  • Avatar for MisuQ
    SiSeN is eargastic !
  • Avatar for viragom
    I heard Sisen now operates mainly from Germany. Is that true...?
  • Avatar for Dreamsomnia
    Great *_*
  • Avatar for Jaina999
    yes, SiSeN is correct.
  • Avatar for viragom
    There's a pic of him in one of the english language ver. Gothic & Lolita Bibles listed with the name "shisen". Erm... whut?
  • Avatar for kitty_hanoi
    I saw SiSeN in Discovery Channel xDD ♥
  • Avatar for PIXYFALSE_
    Mehhh it's SiSeN not Sisen D:
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    かくぃぃぃ~~~ぜぇ。 ヤバい…カ・オ・ス!!!!
  • Avatar for viragom
    I guess I understand that; considering there's a couple of obscure 70s bands I listen to, but because I am one of only a listeners other "obscure" bands I listen to are listed as similar artists even though they have nothing in common at all... for example the obscure band Frugivores are now linked to LUCI'FER LUSCIOUS Violenoue and I feel bad because it's my fault for liking both bands, and because they have the same tag??? Pfft...
  • Avatar for Feminism
    I'm guessing it has to do with what the majority of people here listen to, along with Sisen. Notice how it's the romanization of ネガ. Most of Sisen's listener's probably only listen to mainstream J-Rock and are possibly not even aware of their Japanese written name and song titles.
  • Avatar for viragom
    Anyone know how similar artists are actually calculated? I never did understand.
  • Avatar for AcronymBlood_
    Does anyone have Kotowari?
  • Avatar for viragom
    That said, if "SiSeN Remixes, a 3 songs counting maxi-single" < that really exists, then fair play, he has more songs than I thought.
  • Avatar for viragom
    Well, like I say, Seileen songs should be scrobbled under Seileen anyway, not Sisen, Selia OR Kalm *shrug*. As far as I know, SaGa is really the only thing he's ever done solo. I'd be interested to find out where the rumours started that things like Cereal Killer were his.
  • Avatar for JarethDrakul
    I don't either, but according to their myspace the music is written by Kalm and others.....Sisen is only mentioned as nothing more than "DJ Play". Hhhmmmm, so the majority of the songs and play counts he has are for other artists.
  • Avatar for viragom
    I didn't think he wrote them, no, but I really don't have that knowledge. He's a DJ after all, so I don't really expect that of him. I can't even remember how much Kalm is credited for on the CD cover, but I don't think it mentioned specific tracks. Or maybe it did, LOL.
  • Avatar for JarethDrakul
    @Viragom, Has Sisen written any tracks for Seileen? I remember Kalm wrote them a few songs. I also say 2 tracks because he did one track on that Darkest Labyrinth compilation (Zi Qian) but I've not heard it.
  • Avatar for Hear-Japan
    Read this live report with a pic of DJ Sisen from recent.
  • Avatar for viragom
    2 tracks??? I thought it was just SaGa, unless you count the Seileen ones which reaaally shouldn't be here.
  • Avatar for seyyjJ
    whos tracks are cereal killer and Schranz K? they are fucking awesome
  • Avatar for JarethDrakul
    Yeah, exactly how much of the stuff in top tracks IS SiSen's anyway? [2] as far as I know only 2 tracks are his....
  • Avatar for Kjrne
    Amazing creativity with looks but nevertheless utterly shitty music
  • Avatar for Sasoko
    OMG, information in spanish wasn't updated in TWO YEARS, so I just added a few details. I hope he comes back to Mexico, alone or with Seileen, I wanna see him, last time I didn't have an idea who he was : / btw, when does he recorded Schranz K and I Love Hard Sex? I missing those in my collection.
  • Avatar for Nune-chan
    I know...but dreaming is for free :D
  • Avatar for viragom
    You're female and he's gay so good luck with that ;D
  • Avatar for Nune-chan
    I'm gonna fuck him xD
  • Avatar for viragom
    v that's pretty standard
  • Avatar for viragom
    He does seem very friendly to his fans - and anyone he meets really! That's the impression I get from all the photos at least.
  • Avatar for viragom
    Personally I can't really sit and enjoy his music (except in Seileen), but I think it's the sort of thing that if you were actually in a club you'd enjoy it a hell of a lot more.
  • Avatar for iMeebo
    can't say why i was dissapointed when i found out that Dj Sisen is a guy, but LOVE THE MUSIC :D
  • Avatar for numelle
    amazing style.. and great music : )) [2]
  • Avatar for viragom
    I say vote this up, or despair!!
  • Avatar for viragom
    I want to know his age. Someone know?
  • Avatar for sidaxahx
    amazing style.. and great music : ))
  • Avatar for viragom
    Yeah, exactly how much of the stuff in top tracks IS SiSen's anyway?
  • Avatar for Noroppa
    Hey, anyone knows where i would be able to get his awesome shit music?
  • Avatar for colicub
    Brutal and Cereal Killer are both mistagged Northborne tracks.
  • Avatar for KISSMY-a-SOUL !! [2]


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