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  • Avatar for tripna
    There's a difference between not copying Endtroducing & making a bad album. [11]
  • Avatar for trustmeineedu
    I keep waiting for this album to get better. It's not getting any better. [2]
  • Avatar for MirageIsland
    hell yea this shit blows endtroducing out the water!!! turf dancing goes!!!
  • Avatar for Mister-Sinister
    Certainly different, but his newer album is better.
  • Avatar for The_SchizoidMan
    There's a difference between not copying Endtroducing & making a bad album. [10]
  • Avatar for garynotrashcoug
    Weirdly random album. I like the tracks at the beginning and end the best. Yay Area!
  • Avatar for cxbmusic
    I have to wonder why he left Purple Grapes and Skullfuckery as bonus material, and kept songs as crass as Three Freaks. Love Seein' Thangs and Artifact and I like The Tiger and This Time... so it's not a total loss.
  • Avatar for Daydreamishly
    It got a little better, but it's nothing to write home about. Like Higgsie77 notes, the main detracting factor is the lack of context for a given track; it wasn't assembled well, and doesn't feel coherent as an album at all. There are a couple of tracks that are worth listening to again, though.
  • Avatar for Daydreamishly
    I keep waiting for this album to get better. Guys. It's not getting any better. :<
  • Avatar for Akayz7
    not THAT bad in terms of music but it's definitely not an album that should have the name "DJ SHADOW" on it. I want rugged beats and not something that's supposed to be created.
  • Avatar for sansdasjupiten
    Ugh, I barely heard three tracks of this album and I already want to give up on listening.
  • Avatar for illFigure90
    i remember when i first got the cd and played it in my car, listening to the intro and was like this is gonna be fuckin EPIC and then i listened to the whole album and was like this is cool, but not great
  • Avatar for Khinigeetaht
    @MMWXIV Listen to the instrumental version, then disagree with me.
  • Avatar for hedphylem
    it's definitely not above endtroducing, personally like preemptive strike and private press more too; This Time is still a great tune though.
  • Avatar for Khinigeetaht
    This album's production is out of this world. Spectacular. Shadow's best. It might not have the consumable sound we were all looking for, but you gotta give the man credit for producing one of the best albums of 2006. Even though it might not be the classic shadow we were hoping for, when you compare any track off The Outsider against any track off endtroducing or the private press or preemptive strike it ain't hard to tell that Shadow remains just as gritty, soulful, and deep as he was during his earlier productions. Big up.
  • Avatar for janvavrusa
    Big disappointment. The artwork is awesome though.
  • Avatar for Danngo
    @solid snake - Im with ya. I appreciate this album. Its might not have as impacting of an effect that Midnight In a Perfect World but its different stuff a different side and that should be seen.
  • Avatar for wtf_dnmx
    His worst (IMHO)
  • Avatar for ryan_brown
    Its a lot easier for me to digest this album cuz, well, it was my first Shadow album. I went backwards from here.
  • Avatar for smbro
    never liked this album. maybe i'll try to listen again. i bought it immediately without listening when it came out 'cos i'm like "it's shadow", but man that stuff was hurting my ears. and he said at the time that it was his best! has it stood the test of time?
  • Avatar for higgsie77
    'This Time..' is a quality track with the Heliocentrics. Most of what he does he does brilliantly but the album is badly sequenced and doesn't stitch together very well, like a bad compilation. And the rappers are a let down big time, I would have liked some quannum MCs working with him Solesides stylee
  • Avatar for kida08
    I like everything except the three HYPYHY songs in the early part of it. David Banner's song is great, and the rest of it is interesting. Those three songs though..
  • Avatar for Aceskies
    I mean rap* lyrics.
  • Avatar for Aceskies
    There's a difference between not copying Endtroducing & making a bad album. [9] Lyrics with Shadow's hip hop? What's this fucking album? The whole of songs that don't follow this are excellent, but the others...
  • Avatar for Gummipuppe
  • Avatar for rights_reserved
    When I first heard this album I was disgusted because I was use to DJ Shadow's "instrumental" hip-hop. Then I listened to "Diminishing Returns", and that got me adjusted to the whole DJ Shadow/hip-hop combination. So now, I don't mind this album.
  • Avatar for solid snake
    Am I the only person who appreciates this album ?!
  • Avatar for girl____
    There's a difference between making a good album and having something to say. [1]
  • Avatar for CrimeRadio
    the mainstream rap collaboration left a bad taste in everyone's mouth aside from that some of the tracks were pretty good but it wasn't enough to save the album.. overall it was pretty weak.
  • Avatar for lefty2510
    There's a difference between not copying Endtroducing & making a bad album. [8]. I absolutely love This Time and there are a few other good tracks, but it's overall as an album very weak.
  • Avatar for KingHeff
  • Avatar for King_Of_Budgies
    @alexcasey: Opinions on the outsider... vary, to say the least. Myself, I think it has good points - the instrumental hip-hop tracks are still as good as ever, and the indie-rock flavored tracks are also very good (well, most of them). As for the hyphy... well, to be honest, I'll admit I'm biased slightly, but I think he could have done better on those songs. (Enuff and Turf Dancing are good, though.) You really have to approach it with an open mind.
  • Avatar for Terrasidius
    Its not bad. Some nice tracks...
  • Avatar for Pointro
    Great album. There I said it.
  • Avatar for alexcasey
    This all sounds so very discouraging. I really like DJ Shadow, did he finally make a bad album? Or is the whole world crazy?
  • Avatar for ameliedelarge
    It was 'This time'
  • Avatar for tylerstravis
    I remember there being one good song on here... anyone remember which one it was? I don't want to strain my ears listening to all of the other shitastic tracks to find that one good one.
  • Avatar for random_specimen
    There's a difference between not copying Endtroducing & making a bad album. [7] This album is quite boring, I hope the next release will be more interesting again.
  • Avatar for Jguesty94
    There's a difference between not copying Endtroducing & making a bad album. [6]. By no means is it a bad album, there are a few 2/1* songs which let it down for me... average album rating 3 out of 5* on my iTunes.
  • Avatar for rogueofmv
    I haven't heard this album, besides the 30-second samples I scoped out two years ago, but I couldn't even stand that much. But then again, DJ Shadow's from the Bay Area, CA... home of hyphy. I don't blame the man for trying his hand in that style.
  • Avatar for muntBucket
    There's a difference between not copying Endtroducing & making a bad album. [ 4 ]
  • Avatar for e_patrice
  • Avatar for NateBiggity
    There's a difference between not copying Endtroducing & making a bad album. [ 3 ]
  • Avatar for dann85
    Some of the tracks are kinda boring, and Turf Dancing is pretty idiotic, but its not as bad as people say
  • Avatar for kubaf1g1el
    Foot To Face- Foot to YOUR face.
  • Avatar for kubaf1g1el
    that's right, Erase you makes up for all those hardcore rap tunes. Love the song.
  • Avatar for jaylawl
    There's a difference between not copying Endtroducing & making a bad album. [ 2 ]
  • Avatar for ortzinator
    this album is like Picasso doing sculpting, if you see what i mean
  • Avatar for rauzitu_blah
    I respect the fact that Shadow is trying to do something new and different and blah blah, but man, this album suck.
  • Avatar for imd1ucb4u
    Erase you is too sick


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