• Happy Hardcore hits 2500 Tracks

    4 Mar 2006, 12:41 by djsmiley2k

    If your bored you might notice that im the top listener to
    but still my collection is limited compared to the huge selection of stuff out there.

    Most of the stuff was produced at live events, which is what i love most DJ SY or Any Happy Hardcore which is live is awesome, DJ Hixxy's stuff is Fu*king amazing too and i would love to hear some of that.

    Also if anyone is hiding any Live, or recorded DJ Vibes stuff, especially his mix ups of anything, i would love to hear about it.

    As for me, i've got hundreds of tape sets, but sadly most of the good tapes eventually got chewed up by the walkman or tape player... Anyone know if ]Helter Skelter release any LIVE cd sets? If so i would love to buy some and give them the money back.

    Please, if you know anyone, let me know! Thanks :D