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    Set 5 2007, 14h25 por Destinova

    Hello everybody,

    After having uploaded several of my tracks to, I thought it might be useful to write a journal entry about it. So here it is.

    I've been making music 1999, and since that time, I've produced over 200 tracks.
    Since I'm not signed to label or anything, I thought it would be a waste just to let al those tracks rot away on my harddrive, with no one to listen to them, so I dumped some of my tracks on about 2 weeks ago (although it was mainly Prog_Chick's idea).
    I used a various aliases for making my tracks, but on I'll stick to just one: Bart Nova.

    I thought I'd list the first batch of tracks under the album "Collected Works - Volume 1". There are 7 tracks in total on it, 5 of which can be listened to for free, two of which can be downloaded. Here is a short description of the tracks:

    1. Sigh...
    The tracks aren't in any particular order, so there isn't any build up or anything. …