• In conversation with Orkidea on 20

    14 Nov 2011, 22:23 by trancesound

    In conversation with Orkidea on 20

    Q: Your third artist album ‘20’ is out this week. What was your primary goal in recording and releasing it?

    This year marks my 20 years of DJing so I wanted to celebrate that with a new album. Musically it represents what I call “retrofuturistic” vision of trance music where I have been taking lot of inspiration from the early sound of trance but doing it with the most current production tech and sound.

    Q: Trance has had more ups-and-down, ins-and-outs than any other electronic dance music genre. Why do you feel its appeal has ultimately proved so resilient?

    I think that at best trance balances perfectly between grooves and melodies and between commercial and more credible music. I hope my music is accessible yet intelligent.


    A conversation between DJ Orkidea and his PR manager in relation to his latest album


  • Exclusive interview with Dj Orkidea for

    31 Oct 2011, 03:22 by trancesound

    Interview with Dj Orkidea

    Around same time last year, most of the people I know were asking themselves what have happen’ with Tapio Hakenen aka DJ Orkidea, the best Finnish export in terms of latest gigs, records and other projects that have shaped him the artist he is nowadays. Not so many of us knew what he was working on, therefore, we had to dig a bit further just to find out that he was literally in his studio working around the clock on his new album. None of us knew the album’s name, or else when it due to be released, so we all had to wait for any updates in relation to this. Time went by, pretty fast and I have ended up with an official PR (Press Release) from one of the people I am working with, that Tapio released his latest album called “20″, a double decade of music and joy, therefore I knew it has to be something special and it is indeed. With that being said, the first thing i had in mind was to establish an encounter with him, so with that being said…
  • Win 3 copies of Twenty mixed by Orkidea

    25 Oct 2011, 21:37 by trancesound

    Win 3 copies of Twenty mixed by Orkidea & Stark Profiles PR in conjunction with one of the best Trance Dj and producer from Finland, DJ Orkidea, are running a competition to win one of 3 unsigned copies of this compilation album in particular called “Twenty”. The 3 lucky winner’s selected at random will receive a copy of the CD album via post. All you have to do is answer the following contest question and submit Your entry:

    To enter send an email to or else and DO REMEMBER to write this as subject “Twenty mixed by Orkidea album contest”, with the following information along with the right answer to the question below.



    26 Dec 2010, 17:40 by Addicted2Melody


    Here we are again. Another 12 months have well and truly disappeared, another 12 months spent soaking up the world of electronic music.

    On a personal level it’s been a much better year but, musically, a year where changing circumstance and focus have gradually altered by listening and scrobbling habits. That’s not to say that I’m listening to less music, just taking it in new ways. I’m listening to a lot more music on the move to and from work, so podcasts have become my main way of consuming new music. And with less time available for endlessly searching for new music, finding the best trance music for my DJing has taken priority over hunting for new albums from right across the electronic smorgasbord. In fact, my DJing has come on leaps and bounds this year, thanks in no small part to really making trance my main focus.

    So with changes in my listening habits come changes in my obligatory review of the year journal. …
  • Antti Elo & Orkidea @ TranceSound Session 115

    3 Apr 2010, 15:06 by trancesound

    Antti Elo & Orkidea @ TranceSound Session 115

    TranceSounders around the world, I invite You Saturday the 10th of April for a special show of TranceSound Session, the 115th episode, where we do have the guests already invited, both from Finland, therefore we have again Antti Elo, Dj and his guest DJ Orkidea delivering a guest mix for the second hour. Enjoy a new TranceSound Session episode with Your beloved artists, on weekly basis, so get ready to TRANCE SOUND on several radio stations, such as Party107, Wave FM, 1Mix Radio, Anthem FM, ODU FM, PureSound FM and other stations around the world.



    * TranceSound Session 115: April 10, 2010 @ Party107
    * TranceSound Session 115: April 10, 2010 @ Wave FM
    * TranceSound Session 115: April 10, 2010 @ 1Mix Radio
    * TranceSound Session 115: April 13, 2010 @ Anthem FM
    * TranceSound Session 115: April 14, 2010 @ ODU Radio
  • 2008 in Retrospect - Albums and Trance Singles

    8 Feb 2009, 22:38 by sp0623

    The year 2008 threw up a wonderful plethora of some great electronic music albums
    and I, as a trance and ambient lover, didn't miss out on the pleasure of listening to quite a lot of what the genres had to offer last year. Excepting a few disappointments, most of these albums provided me countless hours of joy. Highlights of the year for me weren't only progressive psytrance, chillout or progressive trance albums, but also some excellent, high quality lush techno, dub techno and dance-pop/pop-ambient releases. And on this note, I must add that since 2007, I'm finding myself increasingly drawn towards good EDM albums not just in my usual favourite styles of progressive trance, uplifting trance or ambient, but also in a few other related styles, like techno, idm and minimal, for example. Considering the rather large number (especially compared to previous years) of electronic albums I heard last year (around 80 or so), I've decided to write this journal about my favourite albums of 2008. …
  • Reviews of 2008 albums - Part 1

    17 Dec 2008, 10:40 by Quethas

    So first I would like to give little background for these reviews. I haven't made all these reviews at the same time. Instead I have made one review at the time and I'm just copy-pasteing these from the forums I have released these earlier. After this I think I will post these reviews more regularly into too so you don't need to check this big posts after this.

    Usually I choose to review pretty recent album and give it some promotion. There are still three different kind of albums I select. 1) I have expected the album for some time and would like to check it and also review it, 2) The album is made by some big name so it would seem unacceptable not to check it or 3) I pick the album randomly. I have made these reviews in english after september 2006 if I remember correctly and in finnish long before that.

    So here we go. These are the albums released in 2008 I reviewed this year. I hope you enjoy to read these. And sorry for Sander van Doorn. I was too harsh with it.

    Sander Van Doorn - Supernaturalistic
  • ACrIkeD & Dj Cobalt - TranceSound Session 038 (2008-08-16) on Sense.FM

    16 Aug 2008, 18:11 by trancesound

    Hi there everyone :)

    Looks like we are already in the middle of the 2 hours guest mix from Tony Peltonen aka ACrIkeD one of our PR forum moderator from Lahti, Finland and also his friend, DJ Cobalt, a Millenium Group member, a very well known EDM music group from Finland.

    In a few minutes, You will be provided with a playlist and download link aswel, so please bear with us, thanks.


    ACrIkeD - TranceSound Session 038 (2008-08-16) on Sense.FM

    01. Marcexl - Artefacto
    02. Sonify - King of the swing
    03. Philipp Wolgast - Solar exit (Exec Bat remix)
    04. Dynastic - Samalaginibad
    05. The Gardeners - Pafama
    06. Liebe ist cool - Ok! (Vincent Casanova 2006 remix)
    07. Kasper & savoretti - Ectasy
    08. Brandon Plank - The architect
    09. Patrick Di Stefano - Six meters up
    10. Cube - Rendered
    11. Cold Form - Against
    12. D-E03 - Minimal is beautiful (2008 CBR edition)
  • Selected Remix Tracks

    6 May 2008, 02:35 by red-green-blue

  • DJ Orkidea - A Place Called Happiness

    27 Feb 2008, 15:35 by isokeksi

    I love love loooove music from DJ Orkidea! I fallen in love with A Place Called Happiness. Makes me feel so good. Orkidea did throw an awesome gig at pacifique evo this year. Incredible! Cant have enough of orkidea's music!!