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As a London teenager obsessed with hip-hop, old soul, jungle and his guitars, Carlos was introduced to the world of music production through a friend at college who had a very old and basic PC studio… Immediately transfixed, Mutiny suddenly found himself locked in a world of beats, staying awake into the early hours learning the ropes.

After college and into paid employment, he managed to scrape some money together to put together a little project studio, and started making breakbeat after a brief flirtation with the darker, experimental side of garage. Over the years, he has released with labels such as Supercharged, Botchit Breaks, Funkatech, Cyberfunk, Hardcore Beats, Lot49, Sub Frequency Funk and Sound of Habib. His 2005-06 work on Sub Frequency Funk is recognised as pioneering the 'liquid breaks' sound, with tracks such as 'Oxygen' and 'Most' bringing a heavy soul feel to the rolling breaks and rumbling bass.

In 2009, after about 50 releases later, Carlos made the decision to re-focus on hip-hop and dubstep. While he still makes the occasional breaks track, he is keen to meet the challenges of making different types of music and breaking into different scenes. Watch this space!

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