• brazil

    9 Nov 2007, 05:20 by mattkarmil

    Brazil was totally amazing, the shows were so well received, and everything just ran smoothly.
    I got to see Björk for the first time.. what a crazy show, her sound guy later told me that they were plagued with technical troubles, but, it didn't really matter to audience.. they sang along with pretty much every song, went crazy when she shot what looks like a spiderweb from her hands, and at the peak of the set, when they kick it in with some crazy 4/4 stuff they lost the plot...

    we got to play with Cat Power in a sit down theatre in vitoria which was amazing, it was great to see her in such intimate surroundings (especially when i missed getting tickets when she played a similar sized venue in stockholm a couple of years ago). she just hammered it. i got some video that i'm in the middle of editing, but will upload soon.

    In rio, we saw Spank Rock who played after us. Great show, but that we had to get up to play again the next day meant i had to miss the end and DJ Marlboro and Diplo. …

    15 Feb 2007, 10:50 by InFunkWeTrust


    “È questo il vero funk”
    Afrika Bambaataa

    La musica etnica, la world music, la musica del sud del mondo. Quanta ce ne hanno venduta di ‘sta roba? Non si capisce bene ma per anni è successo. Tanti anni. Decenni. E puntualmente, anche per farci felici nella nostra convinzione granitica che non ci potessero essere contaminazioni tra la nostra musica e quella dei paesi lontani e più poveri, in questa ottica a due velocità la world music non era la musica che si faceva ma la musica che si era fatta, un po’ contaminata, un po’ rimodernata. Adesso si preferisce evitare il mescolone ed è tornata la musica e basta, magari suonata a bordo di yak, ma semplicemente musica. E le contaminazioni ci sono. Forse ci sono sempre state. Finalmente arrivano. Peter Gabriel forse avrà da ridire, ma c’è anche il Rio Funk.

    Si chiama Rio Funk,o anche Rio Carioca, ed è la musica più amata nelle favelas brasiliane.
  • Lenine + Brazilian music suggestions

    9 Aug 2006, 21:53 by djprince

    As I've mentioned before, I'm a pretty big Brazilian music fan, though generally a novice...I love the stuff, and between living in New York and working frequently in Maimi I have the opportunity to sample quite a bit and see a number of Brazilian bands and artists live...but I'm often limited to what's been released here in the U.S. or to artists that make it over here to perform...

    Like last night, I saw Lenine at Joe's Pub, a wonderful intimate venue (150 people capacity) in lower Manhattan...he's come highly reccomended to me by Brazilian and American friends whose taste I truly trust. I have to say that Lenine wasn't my favorite - he's got a wonderful voice, and some really amazing songs, but too often the set veered off into 70's-style prog rock noodling which just isn't my thing...Lenine's voice is on a par with Seu Jorge's but I much prefer the later's musical style and band. …
  • thank you sri lanka

    2 Nov 2005, 02:30 by fksr86

    just heard M.I.A.'s album, Arular. for two reasons. first, i've seen it on the release list, so i got curious to listen to a colorful album from a sri-lankan that lives in england. second, i've heard she had a crush on brazilian funk, known as funk carioca. ok, it's not the best kind of music ever, all the "cool" people from this world would get shocked listening to the funkeiros from rio. but, as DJ Marlboro's Som de Preto: é som de preto, de favelado, mas quando toca, ninguém fica parado (it's black music, from the favela, but when it plays, nobody can stop).

    anyway, i liked the album. it's different. like its cover, it's a mix of shapes and colors. sometimes it sounds great, sometimes weird, but always with some good rhythm. but it's not the point.

    when the funk carioca movement started in brazil, maybe in the late 90's (including DJ Marlboro's songs), just little people got into the new songs. maybe planeta xuxa was the great style voice, but mixed with tons of other styles.