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  • Avatar for noob_foo
    A peculiar vocal clip indeed, but I kind of dig it. It's probably the best part of the song in fact.
  • Avatar for WarriorJones
    The vocal clip really bothers me. [2] Had to ban it.
  • Avatar for sinnersflower
    Ohhhhhhhh Scream it RuruRoosta! LOL....
  • Avatar for RuruRoosta
  • Avatar for Arcangel808
  • Avatar for Arcangel808
    wow!! This is The Bomb love this so much .. Wow !! ..Needs No more it's So Perfect ..
  • Avatar for mattgow
    Need a dozen full color laser heads and about 20 stories of subs to go with this.
  • Avatar for Hwacha
    The vocal clip really bothers me. At least the music picks up around 1:35 and eventually drops it so I can enjoy the electronic music for a bit. Still, it's pretty cool.
  • Avatar for random_chaos
    If you wonder where the samples are from, here's the answer:
  • Avatar for waynix
    If you wonder where the samples are from, here's the answer:
  • Avatar for MKonradG
    Fuckin' great! What a funky and shocking bassline...
  • Avatar for stoneynboney
    This track is f**kin sik. gotta get the vinyl!
  • Avatar for Infernuz
    Whats the lyric during the actual song, not the intro?
  • Avatar for lobo_feroz
  • Avatar for Johny_y
    Fucking awesome!
  • Avatar for DasX2007
    best intro ever
  • Avatar for Thaigger
    this shit goes hard i love it
  • Avatar for maun
    once i heard a rumor that this is from "star fleet x-bomber" its an anime from the 80s with puppets .. i just downloaded the first of the three films and its ... very crazy shit .. in this first movie you hear some quotes from x-project so it might be possible that in the second or third film there is this unbelievalbe quote .. the turing of the stars brings a time when my secret can give you immortality but when the time is passed fleeting minute gone the secret is worthless till once again the stars unlock their power!! >.<
  • Avatar for swanst
    I am IMMORTAL!
  • Avatar for LordGrunt
    "Crescendo at 420 how priceless. " , 4:18? c'mon, can't you just simply embrace the mucis you hear? whats the point of such analysis, just enjoy... i know i do.
  • Avatar for Jabracada
    What an album. Go get Escape From Planet Monday if you dont have it.
  • Avatar for MyCell_Proust
    the nice bassline is worth to hear the long intro.....
  • Avatar for yak00zy
    amazing! <3
  • Avatar for eliteslayer
    <3 awesome
  • Avatar for JugglinJunglist
    Old school tune, love it :)
  • Avatar for JeeDay1
    i love this track! it's from an ancient movie, i can't recall the name. please help!
  • Avatar for jaynehyman
    The turning of the stars bring a time when MY SECRET can bring you immortality?
  • Avatar for derschrader
    @ JamMasterJdizzy: Just wait. Time will tell when the turning of the stars brings it.
  • Avatar for JamMasterJdizzy
    What does it say at the beginning "The turning of the stars bring a time when xxxxx can bring you immortality. But when that time is past, those fleeting minutes gone, the secret is worthless"??
  • Avatar for foxsable
    I love the Whomp whomp whomp sound at 2:18 and in the next section. IN the ten minutes I spent searching, i was unable to find where thesamples came from, but I love them.
  • Avatar for GrievousJay
    Crescendo at 420 how priceless.
  • Avatar for simon_eds
    messy drop
  • Avatar for Jongusmoe
    4:18 yes.
  • Avatar for FMW303
    love it nice.
  • Avatar for partyspam
  • Avatar for -varjohukka-
    Just curious, does anybody know the voice sample's origin?
  • Avatar for annmcisittrue
    fckin mad tune i want it on cd.
  • Avatar for ToncyFuentes
    This track kicks As...........
  • Avatar for plumpNation
    get in
  • Avatar for KEY2DESIGN
    da bomb!!
  • Avatar for Ariues2
  • Avatar for malynatin
    the best ! oui
  • Avatar for last-level
    надоедливый базар портит всю композицию
  • Avatar for jonson9
    love it
  • Avatar for fourstar
    Great track++
  • Avatar for DrMedShisha
    Love that song!
  • Avatar for Muscatt

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