• SQware - Départ EP - New Release Out Now on Process Recordings

    4 Oct 2010, 11:41 by ChrisDiz

    1. Départ
    2. Short Room
    3. 1987
    4. Kaese
    5. 1987 (Hybu Dub)

    The internet is an amazing place. Yannick Deglin and Jean-Baptiste Lapeyre met through a music forum on the net, back in 2001. Yannick lives in Strasbourg, whilst Jean-Baptiste lives in Paris. Through the net, they discussed their passion for electronic music for years without actually meeting face-to-face. Both of them have a love for bewitching melodies, worship ultra-synthetic loops and groovy beats, and adore melancholic and dark atmospheres.

    Both had been producing their own music since the early nineties. When they eventually did meet in real life, the decided to combine their efforts and formed SQware. Their strength is in being complementary. When one of them generally prefers working on the rhythmic part and on the structure of a track, the other one focuses more on melodies and basslines. By sending their pieces back and forth between Paris and Strasbourg…