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This is an incorrect tag for album "鬼葬" Please change your ID3-tags on your music files.



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  • The album where they started to fuck up.
  • Suggest a correction [album artist=DIR EN GREY]鬼葬[/album]
  • great album
  • I think Kisou is the best DEG album, although Gauze, Macabre and Vulgar aren't far behind. I love how diverse (and experimental) the album is and how much raw emotion there is.
  • Stop changing the album art for fucks sake. It's not the right tag, we get it, and until allows album auto corrections I will keep it tagged as this or I will have plays split across multiple albums.
  • when fuckin image, upload!
  • Please use "鬼葬”. Thank you
  • If I change the album name from Kisou to 鬼葬 in my ID3 tags, my top played album, Kisou with nearly 3000 plays, will not increase in plays anymore. Why isn't there a suggest a correction feature for albums??? I'll change my tags to 鬼葬 as soon as Kisou gets auto-corrected / directed.
  • What the hell… I have the album tagged as 鬼葬, but JESSICA and undecided were auto-corrected to this album. -_- [2] This must be some kind of bug.. :3
  • To all U.K. and U.S.A. fans going to see Dir en grey on a VIP ticket. Could you please print this off and hand it to the band during your backstage meet and personal photo with them? -- -- This sheet is fitted for common 8x11 printer paper. Right Click and save, find the file, right click again and choose Print, set your options to "Fit to Media" and "Print in Grayscale."

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