• Artists I' ve seen live, part two.

    26 Feb 2007, 16:29 by rtreynor

    I went to a lot of concerts in my early 20s. I'm going to try to recall most of them here, as well as every other one I can think of. I already documented who I saw at the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame Concert, so this will be everyone else I can recall. Some opening acts will be listed, some not - it depends on 1) if I remember who the opener was, and 2) whether I cared.

    I went to two Endfests in the 90's. They were alternative music festivals hosted by a local radio station (WENZ) in Cleveland. One was at the Geauga County Fairgrounds in 1994, and one at Blossom Music Center in 1993. I wish I could recall all of the bands at each...but here's what I recall from those:
    The Jayhawks, Violent Femmes, L7, Gigolo Aunts, Candlebox, The Clarks, The Odds, Tears for Fears, Jellyfish.
    Both concerts were about 8 hours long, so I'm sure I'm missing some bands that I've later heard of....I think Sarah McLachlan may have been at the 1993 concert.

  • 18000

    24 Nov 2005, 06:42 by Serpent_axed

    I like to stop to allow myself a moment to recognize what is happening with the flow of influences.
    Here is the 50 prior to the 18000 mark.
    17,950 Tom Waits -Woe
    51- Tom Waits - Calliope
    52- Tom Waits - A Good Man is hard to find
    53- Soundgarden - Beyond the Wheel(live)
    54- Soundgarden - Fell on Black Days(live)
    55- Soundgarden - Birth Ritual
    56- DINK - Ohio
    57- Dink - Green Mind(Original Demo)
    58- Self - Borateen
    59- Self - Sophmore Jinx
    60- Self - Stewardess
    61- Self - So low
    62- John Frusciante - Going inside
    63- John Frusciante - Someone's
    64- John Frusciante - The First Season
    65- John Frusciante - Wind up Space
    66- John Frusciante - Away and Anywhere
    67- John Frusciante - Remain
    68- John Frusciante - Fallout
    69- John Frusciante - Ramparts
    70- John Frusciante - With no one
    71- John Frusciante - Murderers
    72- John Frusciante - Invisible Movement
    73- John Frusciante - Representing
    74- John Frusciante - In Rime
    75- John Frusciante - Saturation
    76- John Frusciante - Moments have you\