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  • Visual Kei Lossless Tradelist

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    Visual Kei Lossless Tradelist
    » Last updated: 2015.02.10
    I'm a foobar2000 user, so I accept any lossless format. However, FLAC level 8 and Apple Lossless are preferred. If you would like to trade for some of the releases below, PM me via

    This is the main part of my lossless music collection.

    The titles written in red are negotiable while some are not for trade.
    ● AIFF = Audio Interchange File Format
    ● ALAC = Apple Lossless Audio Codec
    ● APE = Monkey's Audio
    ● FLAC = Free Lossless Audio Codec
    ● TAK = Tom's lossless Audio Kompressor
    ● TTA = True Audio
    ● WAV = Waveform Audio File Format
    ● WMA = Windows Media Audio Lossless
    ● WV = WavPack

    [2002.12.05] Λucifer - THE BEST
    [2005.11.16] lynch. - underneath the skin
    [2006.01.14] Sel'm - アンソロジー
    [2006.02.24] 新興宗教楽団NoGoD - 天罰円盤
    [2008.03.12] Kra - エスケープ
  • Unearthing The Metal Underground: The All Female Metal Scene

    2 Feb 2011, 12:57 by zmetallica

    With ladies like Angela Gossow and Vibeke Stene fronting bands with primarily male members, the scene has shown that women can just be as bad ass as men. While the female fronted band has gone from curiosity to accepted member of the metal kingdom, heavier acts still tend toward having mostly men among their ranks. Breaking that trend are a few groups that buck the established norm and bust out the girl power. With this week’s edition of the Unearthing the Metal Underground column we’ll take a look at three bands that rock out 100% wang free.

    This week we check out the female bands Astarte, DESTROSE, and shEver. Read more about these all female metal bands and hear samples on Metal