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  • Love the lyrics of this band, cringe away.
  • got me into music as a kid , I can't hate.
  • Jesus Freak!
  • JESUS & artviji!
  • one of the best bands ever!!!
  • love this band !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Laughable lyrics. Almost as bad as Mortification's Hammer of God.
  • "A good man brings good things out of the good stored up in his heart, and an evil man brings evil things out of the evil stored up in his heart. For the mouth speaks what the heart is full of." - Luke 6:45
  • DC-Talk ------auch gut------ja, mehr als gut, aber Deliverance und Stryper sind besser !!!!!
  • One of the best chrisian rock bands!!!
  • Love this band! ♥
  • im a faget
  • Let's represent the REAL Bleach, the Christian Rock band from Nashville, TN and vote up the new pics of their page! I'm tired of seeing the Japanese "bleach" band with the main picture for "Bleach" on! If you have a login, go to and vote up the pics of the REAL Bleach! Thanks guys! It'll give me a super good feeling! Five Iron Frenzy AND Bleach are ALIVE!! It's a glorious day!!! Now we just need dc Talk back!!
  • NEW PICTURE !!!!! =D
  • Jesus Freak !!!
  • Join Please: [group]Satan Sucks![/group]
  • Love the sound of this band, but the lyrics tend to make me cringe :/
  • dc Talk was the first band I ever loved and they will always be my number one band even though I don't listen to them that often anymore. dc Talk rocks!!!!!!!!! <3 [2]
  • <3
  • Lightning lyrics, will lengthen your life. Listen close: I don't boast, BUT ILLUMINATE CHRIST!
  • I'll just leave this here:
  • Happy songs for happy people ^^
  • I luv rap music too!
  • In the category of awesome stuff that totally happened: Valentine's Day 2006, I'm listening to my friends' show on my college's radio station. One of them says, "Happy Valentine's Day! To all the girls out there, this song is for you." They then proceeded to play [url=]this[/url].
  • @hsojyrreb yea, and you are super popular & very famous man. Tell us were to bay on of your 1 000 000 copies with extra talented songs! If you did something great - show to us. If not - keep your "bla-bla-bla" with you. If you not like DCT - just gone 2 play 2 another place. DCT did great music, I really Luv it. They are was 1st through who I realized - christian music can be popular, not only worship.
  • they fucking suck
  • dc Talk was the first band I ever loved and they will always be my number one band even though I don't listen to them that often anymore. dc Talk rocks!!!!!!!!! <3
  • @pdiddyjsbeepa: have you at least listened to their music? they are AMAZING. please, don't come and hate.
  • so good...
  • Hail Satan
  • I love DCT
  • JESUS FREAK <>< thats my life song haha. and to all the atheist you need Jesus and you use to big of words on comments!!!!!!
  • Please back!!! You are amazing!
  • lol
  • Que saudade dessa Banda que pra mim é melhor do Rock
  • Album muy pero muy genial!! me encanta ...sta super
  • jesus freak <3<3
  • DCT tour for 2011??
  • Great music...been a fan for years
  • @ mrmichel0927 This is christian yes, it is rock lol
  • @at the guy who doesnt thing dc talk is rock. Just because its christian doesnt mean its not rock. This is rock. Does it rock? yes, its rock. We rock to it. Its fuckin rock bro.
  • good shit. reminds me of my childhood [2]
  • good shit. reminds me of my childhood
  • I listen to this band
  • I wouldn't quite call dcTalk rock lol
  • oh and danienel you should check out.... apparently everyone's a lot confused about the possible 6 or 7 verses that they think even refer to the commiting of homosexual activity. LEARN YR BIBLE! p.s. i respect God too much to follow Christian teachings
  • dude, illusion_paw i keep running into you on band pages LOL
  • @Danienel: Independent=sinful? I think your god may have created too many sheep and used a sheep soul on a human body. Thus, you were created. Enjoy fitting in the crowd and similar sheep-like activities.


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