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DB can refer to six separate artists:

1) Born 1974 in Klagenfurt/Austria. DB lives and works in Vienna. His first steps in music were as a bass player in an independent band in the early nineties. He traveled to vienna for biology studies in 1995. He then changed to an art university, to study media art two years later. He was then engaged in music from a new point of view by using a four track machine, a short wave receiver and lots of audio tapes to create ambient tracks.

Purchase of records of different music styles leads directly to his dj`ing (1997) work, sticking with electronica and instrumental hip hop for the dj sets. He purchased a computer and some turntables, and intense practice of sampling led to the creation of the first composed tracks. He then settled down to techno -and housebeat structures as a dj and also as a producer. His first release (Donaupark ep) was on sub static records in 2002. He also graduated from art university in the same year. From this moment on, his total focus is on music production, and improving the method of sampling: the sound source for all compositions is the own record collection and the working tool is the computer.

2) DB can also refer to the artist that performs "Nothing" and "Sherry", the opening and ending themes respectively, from the TV anime, Tokko. As of now, there is no "Full" version of Nothing or Sherry, as there normally would be.

3) DB were a project of UK vocalist Doris Brendel and guitarist/producer Dave Beeson in 2003. An album, "Driving", was released on CD in 2009.

4) db also refers to the Dutch producer of IDM, breaky stuff and housemusic. One of the main contributors of the Nijmegen based Lomechanik label.

5) DB is a pseudonym for artist name Digital Beat. Underground Electronic artist from Finland who has produced electronic music since early 90´s. Last FM page http://www.last.fm/music/digital+beat
Official website of Digital Beat Music label. The label was established in 2003.

6) dB is also referred to the portuguese beat producer based in Vila Nova de Gaia, Portugal, acclaimed for his work in albums such as 4400 OG, solo, and Lo-Fi Hipster Trip, as Logos' partner in the duo Corona. Being proud of his home city, he frequently references events, real life characters and many mishappens he considers relevant in Gaia in his music, as a form of both satire and comic value.

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