• Stealing another Journal entry, this one on iTunes

    14 Jul 2013, 20:03 by verbcake

    Some interesting stats from my iTunes. It's a little different than my last.fm page as I've had iTunes much longer (since 2001) than last.fm (since 2006). Granted I didn't put all my music on my computer until probably 2004 when I got my iPod but yeah. So without further ado here's the journal entry.

    Open iTunes/iPod (or whatever) to answer the following.

    Total number of tracks: 17739

    Sort by song title:
    -First Song: A-1 Dieselhed
    -Last Song: ? Secret Chiefs 3
    -Shortest Song: Aw Hell No! by my friend Nathaniel Avery, 5 seconds
    -Longest Song: Delirium Cordia by Fantômas, hour 16 minutes

    Sort by album:
    -First Song: Abandoned Language by Dälek
    -Last Song: Air (Elation Mix) by MF DOOM. That doesn't really count though since I don't have the album name for that track, so hold on.
    Mask by Bauhaus is the last one that I have an album listed for, everything past that either doesn't have an album listed or is a live show and the album is the live date (if that makes sense).
  • 1810 songs, 5.8 days, 11.27 GB

    27 Feb 2008, 20:23 by Knifymoloko

    Sort by song title:
    -First Song:
    Abandoned Language

    -Last Song:
    9.9.6. (Trx remix)

    Sort by time:
    -Shortest Song:
    Track03 (unscrobble-able: 4 seconds)
    Lornaderek (first scrobble-able track: 31 seconds)

    -Longest Song:
    LIVE - Sydney '97(composed of about six tracks in one)
    Silence Teaches You How to Sing(one whole song)

    Sort by album:
    -First album:
    Abandoned Language

    -Last album:
    ( )

    Top 10 Most Played Songs:
    Lets just say all of Amon Tobin's tracks from Foley Room are in the top spot.

    Search ....
    "sex", how many songs come up?: 1
    "love", how many songs come up?: 24
    "you", how many songs come up?: 109
    "death", how many songs come up?: 6
    "hate", how many songs come up?: 8
    "wish" how many songs come up?: 7