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Cycles is the name of 2 producers - a heavy metal band based in Oklahoma, and an electronica producer.

UK Based Electronica Producer
Oliver Charles, or simply Cycles, grew up constantly exposed to music, and many different styles from all of his friends. Now 19, he has grown to enjoy electronica based music making heavy use of samples, and creative synthesizers. From 2000, he played guitar, experimenting with effects to change the sound to his own, and in 2005 got his first set of turntables, still sitting happily next to him.

Being able to work with electronic music opened up plenty of new opportunities, and he hasn't looked back since. He has been producing electronic music periodically for the last year, and is slowly finding his way around various software based studios, and is constantly looking to try new techniques.

To hear Cycles work, check out his album Experiments

Heavy Metal Band
CYCLES were born in late 2001 from the remains of Fears Tomb/Karnak.
Guitar players Filipe Moreira and Carlos Barbosa decided to add new sound elements to their previously developed musical compositions, concluding that the creation of a new band would be the most logical decision to take.
For that purpose, bassist Vera Sá [Ex-Godless Beauty/Scarlet Veil/Martyrivm] and drummer Augusto Peixoto [Ex-Dove/In Solitude/Paradigma] were invited for the creation of this project.
Eleven new songs were then composed, featuring "Temple of Karnak", "Foul Paradise", "Epitaph - Remember Your Death" and "Black Symphony", which can be described as being powerful and having "ambiance" textures.
After the composition of the themes that form the yet unreleased debut album, "Phoenix Rising", CYCLES found vocalist Henrique Loureiro, who completed the line-up and helped to finish the song writing process, before the band's definite entrance in the recording studio.
The album was recorded in the Rec'n'Roll studios with the producer Luís Barros [Tarantula/In Solitude/Oratory/Thantoschizo] and unfortunately there wasn't any label interested to release the c.d.
The band meanwhile released the promo "Paradise/World Of Sand" c.d. and promote themselves in the Portuguese Metal Underground.
The feedback was excellent and give new horizons to the band's purpose.
"Phoenix Rising" was, finally, released in the beginning of 2006 by INDEPENDENTrecords.
Meanwhile the guitarrist, Filipe Moreira, left the band by personal reasons, and was replaced by Nuno Silva.
Sérgio Martins [In Solitude] is the new CYCLES vocalist!
Because of work and personal life, Carlos Barbosa left CYCLES on January 2008 and was replaced by Paulo Camisa (In Solitude).


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